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Types of Cabinets to Dress Up Your Bathrooms

Bathroom cabinets are indispensable parts of your bathroom to store the toiletries neatly. You can store toilet papers, towels, showers gels, shampoo and conditioners, shaving kits, hair grooming kits, and so on in bathroom cabinets. In this way, your essentials will remain close to your reach and you can keep your bathroom tidy. In a tidy, sorted bathroom in which one can relax better, especially when one is taking a bubble bath or something similar, is much appreciated.

But bathroom cabinets have an aesthetic function…and what’s that? Those pretty-looking mirrored cabinets in the bathrooms largely determine the style and design of your bathroom. But what are the types of cabinets and which ones would fit in your bathroom?

mirrored cabinets

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

These bathroom cabinets are distinguished on the basis of their sizes and mounting spots. However, a bathroom cabinet can vary based on detailings and fronts, which leads to an enormous number of choices. In this article, we would discuss the cabinets, differentiating on the basis on the size and where is it mounted.

Vanity Unit

The cabinet under the sink is called a vanity unit. A vanity unit, usually, has two drawers for you to sort your things neatly. The toiletries are stored under the washbasin in a cabinet below your washbasin, which mean that they are always at your reach.

Vanity units are available for both single and double washbasins. For the double washbasins, they are especially very practical, because people can divide their own side of the cabinet. You won’t have to disturb each other and can get hold of your things easily, every morning.

Further, a vanity unit is the ideal choice to hide the uninteresting looking pipes that lay under the sink. For smaller bathrooms, vanity units are the best choice. The hanging feature of these units, make the room look bigger. There are usually free spaces too under the cupboards.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet or Drawer Unit

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets or drawer units available in smaller sizes and can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom. These can be of varied shapes and sizes. There are cabinet which are sleek and high, and also wide. Most of the time, the wall mounted glass cabinets in bathrooms have doors instead of doors.

The wall mounted bathroom cabinets and drawer units are great for smaller bathrooms, as these can be mounted on the wall and require less space.

Tall Mirrored Cabinets in Bathrooms

Tall mirrored cabinets are a great option too for smaller bathrooms, as they are sleek and do not take up space, width-wise. There sleek and neat look make them effortlessly classy and timeless. Seeing the many variants, you might find it difficult to choose one.

Apart from the countless finishing and materials, one can also organise the bathroom cabinet in a number of ways. There are tall bathroom cabinets that have one, two or three doors, or there are the ones with an open area in the middle.

Families with small children would love cabinets like these. These will be super-efficient for you and you can store even the sharpest of objects or blades in the topmost shelves.

Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet

As the name suggests, it is just a bathroom cabinet that has mirrors on it. It is most convenient when mounted over the washbasin in your bathroom. In mirrored cabinets, the mirror has either be mounted on both the doors, on one particular door, or even on the inside of the cabinet. You can easily store your makeup products in these, and get ready fast in the bathroom itself.

Bathroom mirrored cabinets are designed in the most luxurious way possible, and are made available for the customers. There are options of mirror cabinets with lights fitted inside or cabinet with heating system that prevent the mirror from getting fogged in a humid room. From wide to sleek, mirrored or no mirrored, big or small, there is something for each bathroom. Talk to the experts today to get your hands on to the cabinets that would be the best choice for your bathroom.

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