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Want to Know What a Rheem Air Handler Does?

Ultimately a Rheem Air Handler is no different in function from any other air handler, in that it is responsible for “handling” the circulation of air throughout a home or other space for the purposes of keeping it comfortable.

Typically air handlers are associated with air conditioning units, compressors, furnaces, heat pumps and split systems and are used as the “engine” that moves the heated or cooled air around the space. In some situations, an air handler also has heating or cooling capacity of its own.

That’s most of the answer to the question, because it’s one of the more simple ones associated with HVAC. To take a closer look at a specific air handler, though, there’s a lot more that can be said.

For those purposes, we’re going to investigate the Rheem Air Handler (Model RH1P2417STAN) that can be found as a part of a number of packages at Budget Air Supply on their website, Budget Air Supply.

As has been stated is common with air handlers, this one comes along with an air conditioner condenser as a part of a split air conditioning system, making it more suitable for hot climates than cool ones, as this can be combined with a heat strip to supply a little bit of warmth through the cool months.

This air handler is Rheem’s newest model and comes with a lot of value added features to benefit homeowners and businesses alike. As stated some models have cooling capacity and this is one of those, bringing in 24,000 BTUs of the same power. It also has a ⅕ HP PSC blower motor and is capable of reaching a SEER of 15.

It also has a versatile design that can accommodate for a number of housing situations, including upflow, downflow and two way horizontal flow, to the left and to the right, whichever is most suitable.

It also comes with a factory installed indoor coil as well as an evaporator with aluminum fins and tubing. They are light, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, this model is made with a marvellously tough cabinet, with one inch of foil-faced insulation. This helps it keep volume to a minimum while also insulating against temperature, which can help to cut back on condensation and associated damage.

Something else to note about this model is that with it you have the option of a field-installed electric heater kit, which may be necessary depending on where you live. It is not as powerful as a gas fired furnace but it is a nice, and typically a necessary, backup to have.

There you have a little bit of insight into what makes an air handler and what a Rheem model constitutes. If you want to learn more about air handlers in general or more about this specific model of Rheem equipment, you can check the listing online at; the link to the specific product is also featured above.

However, if you have more specific, targeted questions, get in touch with their customer service team by calling them at 855-473-6484. Their team of technicians and experts would be glad to clear up your questions.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re at the point of purchase then Budget Air Supply deserves more than cursory investigation. It all comes down to only a few very important points.

For one, you’re going to get the best price at Budget Air Supply and they guarantee that. In addition, they ship their HVAC systems for free and their shipping is fast too (they own several warehouses).

Check out their website today and call them if you have additional questions – you’ll be glad you did.

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