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Ways To Maintain Your Water Purifier

Drinking clean water that is rid of toxic elements, odors, and sedimentary colors is not only necessary, but the increase of industrialization has caused this necessity to be considered as a form of luxury.

You must be thinking why safe drinking water is a luxury, right? The straight answer to this somewhat controversial question is the lack of technical assistance employed by the municipality.

The more advanced the purifying system is, the better chances you will have of receiving clean and pure drinking water. However, no matter how many methods are incorporated to ensure water quality, microorganisms do pass through it.

Only the specialized assistance of RO technology and UV rays emission, and other developments can make the water immaculately purified. That is the reason why one should depend on purchasing a water purifier.

Why Does One Need To Conduct A Water Purifier Service?

Due to heavy industrialization in urban areas, industrial sludge bearing extremely toxic elements such as Led, sulfur dioxide, and other microorganisms, bacteria are released into the water.

This damages the integrity of the water and enhances the pH level making it unfit for drinking. Even after the water is purified by the municipality, it bears the residue of germs that ought to be processed through advanced technical assistance.

It is here where the water purifier fits in. The purified is responsible for getting rid of the microbes. Nonetheless, constant usage of the water purifier can create a straining effect on the purifier’s parts.

To maintain the functionality of the water purifier, one needs to conduct a water purifier service. It will influence the functionality of the purifier and enhance the piece of machinery’s durability while increasing the effectiveness of the whole thing.

Ways To Service Your Water Purifier

One can get the water purified serviced in two ways. One of the methods requires them to do the heavy work, while the second one needs them to take the help of a professional by calling the Aquaguard customer care.

  • DIY Service
  1. The first step requires you to switch off the water purifier system so that the filter can be serviced
  2. Second, you are required to open the filter faucet. Drain out the remaining water
  3. Next, you are required to give the filter a bit of time to rest so that the depressurization can take place. Then remove the filter
  4. You can choose to leave the RO module attached to cabinet walls. Or you can change this before changing the filters too
  5. In the next stage, you must clean the parts of the filter housing with mild soap and then be washed with water. The O-rings of the filter need to be checked using the water-soluble lubricant
  6. Next, Deposit the new sediment filter into the first filter housing. It is closest to the tubing connections and needs to be re-installed after installing the accommodations
  7. Next, you have the sediment filter to install. Put the carbon block filter with white end caps and install it in the middle housing
  8. Now, turn the water on so that the unit adapt-a-valve can be filled
  9. From here on, you have to open the RO faucet. Ensure that you leave it open until the water continues to drip in
  10. The final step requires you to close the RO faucet so that the storage tank can be filled with water. Generally, it takes three hours to fill the filter tank.
  • Call The Professional

You can call the Aquaguard customer care services to book a servicing session where an expert will be sent to your house to take care of maintenance procedures. Rest assured, they know what they are doing, and the result will meet your expectations without fail.


Though the procedure to service the water purifiers seems like a challenging task, you need to do it to maintain the flow of receiving clean water. Clean water is a necessary item to sustain life; this aspect makes the requirement of clean and pure water very important.

You can opt for hiring a specialist to resolve the issues you are facing. Their knowledge and understanding of the water purifier will help you lengthen the product’s durability and effectiveness.

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