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What is Content Score and How To Use It for SEO

Content is the core of any website ranking higher on the search results. No matter how many new algorithms knock on the doors of SEO, one thing which will remain the same is quality content. Search engines are getting smarter and they want to showcase the best content to the searchers.

As there are several factors to gauge the overall SEO performance of a website, but one factor which can’t be missed is the content score. If you haven’t heard about this SEO term before, we will discuss it in depth in this article.

The content score of your site

Like any SEO metric, the content score is also an on-page metric that tells the overall quality of the written content. The score ranges from zero and hundreds and the greater the score, the greater the benefits. How relevant the content is given to the targeted keywords defines the overall content score and you should always aim for a higher score.

For a better perspective — A score from 0 to 33 is considered as poorly crafted content. The score ranging from 34 to 66 defines the content quality and keyword relevance as decent. Lastly, if the website’s content score is between 67 to 100, then the page is of the highest relevance and it will surely bring massive traffic.

There are several or even hundreds of factors that affect and influence the overall content quality. But some of the major factors are correct keyword placement, proper content formatting, content quality, relevance to user’s search intent, and content length.

How to use the content score for SEO correctly

There are several ways you can get the benefit from the content score for your SEO services campaign. Following are some quick and handy tips that you can take to improve the content score and ultimately the site’s SEO performance.

LSIs are important

Along with targeting the main keywords, using similar type keywords or LSIs can bring a drastic change in results. So next time, when you audit your content for optimization, also run comprehensive keyword research to check which are the long-tail and other LSIs that can add more value to readers.

Quality matters in content score

Here the concept of quality over quantity works and you need to focus on creating quality content rather than creating numerous thin-content blogs. Instead of publishing 4 blogs in a week, aim for publishing one quality article that can outperform the competitor.

Content length also matters

Google and other search engines want to give a complete solution to their users so that they can get the maximum available information on a single platform. That is the reason why long-form content always performs better. Even if you analyze the top then results for any query, you will find that all the articles are at least having 1000 words.

Loading speed is also important

Site loading time may not look related to content score but it is related to the overall user experience which goes with quality content. If anyone has written a quality blog of 5000 words but if the site is loading slow, no one will be going to read it.

Create more shareable content

If a content piece is being shared multiple times by influencers and normal readers, it’s a direct signal to search engines that your site has high authority. That’s why always focus on creating shareable content that is easy to skim and quick to share.

These were some important tips regarding how to improve the content score and thrive online. Above are some ways you can use this to improve your overall SEO and rank for competitive keywords with ease.


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