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What is the Difference Between a Research Paper and a Dissertation?

A Research Paper:

A research paper is a written document that reports observations and findings. It is the most common form of written communication in academia. A research paper involves gathering data using observation or experimentation. Making an inference based on the data and supporting it with evidence, and communicating the inference to others. The process for writing a research paper involves four basic stages: problem formulation, research, writing, and rewriting/editing.

A research paper is a document written by an author that provides deep information regards a certain topic. A research paper can be both qualitative as well as quantitative; it can describe the numerous characteristics and employs different tools of analytical thinking to assess the positive and/or negative features. Which may affect the development of a particular business.

A Dissertation:

A dissertation is a project that you work on as part of your course. It is known by different names in different courses and is sometimes called a research project or a major assignment. When you complete it, you get your degree.

A dissertation is a written and defended body of original research conducted on an approved project with the primary goal of contributing knowledge to generate new intellectual developments and/or enhance theoretical frameworks.

The Difference Between a Research Paper and a Dissertation is the Following:

The difference between a research paper and a dissertation is that one of them is a little longer. A research paper is the result of the student’s efforts. While the dissertation must be writing under the supervision of an advisor. A research paper will usually measure in at eight to twenty pages. While a dissertation can be as long as two hundred pages or more.

The main difference between the dissertation and research paper is in length. The main goals of both a dissertation and research paper are to develop an original idea or theory that contributes to the existing knowledge on a given subject. However, there is a vast difference between the two in terms of their length and intended audience. A research paper should be at least twenty pages in length. Not more than thirty-five pages in length, whereas a dissertation should be at least sixty-five pages, not more than one hundred fifty pages in length. According to the Marketing dissertation writing service, a dissertation is also expected to have more profound contributions than a research paper and it, therefore, needs to be descriptive as well as analytical whereas a research paper can leave out some analysis.

There is a big difference between a research paper and a dissertation. A research paper uses different sources that are easy to find while a dissertation works with direct sources that are not easily available. The format of both these write-ups is different and so it is important to understand the difference before you start your project.


A research paper is a written assignment that helps students to review the material they learned via lectures, books, or discussions. It develops students’ ability to analyze a paper and to express their ideas clearly.

A research paper is a short proposal that has no more than 15 pages and a dissertation is a long and detailed proposal of over 15 pages.

Writing a dissertation can be a difficult task because it involves many different skills and is typically longer than a typical research paper. The length of dissertations varies considerably, with some being as short as around 20 pages and others going as long as hundreds of pages. When writing a dissertation, you should first consider the best format for your paper.

A dissertation is the culmination of a student’s educational career and marks the completion of a graduate-level degree. A research paper, however, is an individual project completed by a student who has finished all coursework and is determined to complete further study at a higher level. The main differences between these two academic papers are the intended audience.

Differences Based Approach on the Research Paper and a Dissertation:

A dissertation is a long document that is writing based on extensive research done on the topic specified beforehand. It consists of a comprehensive literature review followed by an introduction and methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion section. A research paper, on the other hand, focuses more on a relatively small area of study and examines it in-depth about its history, critical literature and contentions, results, and conclusions. A dissertation aims to interpret the collected data and information by referring to primary and secondary sources across disciplines whereas in a research paper the information is interpreted by referring only to classroom-based knowledge.

Paper writing is not an easy task as it is a time taking task. A student should be able to submit a UN plagiarized, informative and 100% original paper in the given time frame.

An example is the following:

For example, you could write a traditional paper that follows an “outline” style in which you divide your paper into separate headings followed by paragraphs. That discusses those headings’ topics. Alternately, you could write a “research paper” (sometimes called a “thesis”) that compares and contrasts other similar works or theories on a subject.

A Research Paper is a longer form of writing than a term paper and includes a broader scope of research. In contrast, a Thesis is much larger in scope and length, often taking years to research.

Similarities Between a Research Paper and a Dissertation:

There are many similarities between a research paper and a dissertation. They are both research-base writings. The differences can be find in the length, style, and tone. Research papers usually require you to use specific sources to get your information. You will also have a limited amount of sources to reference. The tone is not as serious and it is usually dealing with the concept or process of something.

The tone may be writing in the first person or third person depending on how long the paper is. A dissertation usually deals with a specific idea or concept that would take more than 3 pages to explain or a process that could not fit in three pages. A dissertation must be done over an extend amount of time because you need to deeply explore the subject you are writing about and find a source for it as well as relate everything to the subject.

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