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What should you see if you have 1 Week in Hungary?

Hungary One of the most sophisticated territories in Europe, Hungary has the attractions that will blow your mind. From the splendor of its spellbinding capital Budapest to its goulash architecture and iconic scrivener, Hungary remains best from the start to be a tourist attraction that does not leave its visitor idle. If you are visiting Hungary for 1 week and need a guide of what to see and where to go then this article is for you. Make your bucket list of attractions you want to see in Hungary prior so that you can enjoy your voyage without thinking much.

1.  Budapest:

One of the finest capitals in the world, Budapest, Hungary is a complete tourist attraction within Hungary. Tourists can eat, play, wander and do whatever they want in Budapest because the city has so much to do. Historical landmarks and glorious architecture escalate the wanderlust of tourists even more. Either spend your day at the thermal bath and hot springs or sunbathe at the shore of the Danube River that splits the city into two halves.

2.  Buda Castle Hungary:

This magnificent castle stood on the land of Budapest city in the 1800’s after the Siege was put into end. Consisting of 200 amazing rooms, Buda Castle tells the tale of the amazing architecture of the past. Symmetrical layout focuses on a 61 meter hauled dome while facing towards the Danube. Viewers can enjoy the amazing scenery while standing in the dome.

3.  Lake Balaton:

If you are planning to visit Hungary in summers then no other attraction can be more refreshing to visit than Lake Balaton. Tourists can enjoy a number of things around the lake including hiking, biking, cycling, climbing, hand gilding and water sports. Their activities can be done even with kids but if you are a more adventurous person then skydiving from a helicopter would be a great experience. Balaton Sounds is a well-known festival with its venue at Lake Balaton. The festival is Europe’s biggest open air electronic music festival attracting thousands of tourists to Hungary.

4.  Egerszalok Thermal Baths:

visiting a thermal bath is a different experience that Britain usually doesn’t have in their homeland. But here in Hungary, thermal baths are what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. You can find a thermal bath even at the corner of every street and the interesting thing is that these thermal bath houses are worthy to be visited once because of their unique design and beauty. Especially the bath houses in Egerszalok village that came into existence naturally. While we are on it, mentioning Saliris Resort and Spa is important too because it has become a crowded tourist attraction in the past few years, thanks to its beauty, design and usage.

5.  The Caves of Lillafüred:

If you are more into historical things then this place is for you. Though there are a series of caves in the town, István Cave, Szeleta Cave and Petofi Cave are the most prominent ones. After exploring the caves, you can also take a ride through the rugged mountains.

6.  Cathedral of St. Peter:

one of the finest architectural splendors of Hungary, this Cathedral is a must in your 7 day itinerary to Hungary. Founded in 1009, the cathedral was constructed as a Roman burial chapel. After going through many re-buildings and re-constructions, the church was completely rebuilt in 1891. As it was built by many people therefore the influence of numerous cultures can be seen in it.

7.  Aggtelek National Park and Caves:

marked as the Unesco World Heritage Site, Aggtelek National Park has more than 1000 caves in row. Situated on the border of Hungary and Slovakia, the caves of Aggtelek are best to be visited if you are into adventures. For the tourists who want an informative tour can also take a look at these caves because the park bestows zoological, botanical and ecological tours.

8.  Busójárás, Mohacs:

it is more of a do than to see in Hungary because Busójárás is an event where the local folks can be seen doing some deviant stuff. Referring to Busójárás the ‘Halloween’ of Hungary would not be wrong because the participants of the event dressed up and masked up with demonic faces, parading thru the town. Traditional music and local delicacies are played during the march, making it a fun thing. The event lasts for 6 days where many of the tourists come just to see the event but some partake in it as well.

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9.  Danube River:

The beautiful river of Danube splits the city of Budapest into two halves. Giving a picturesque perfect view to the tourists, this river should be added into your must-sees while being in Budapest. Danube is considered as the lifeblood of the country and offers plenty to experience its tourists as well. One of the most prominent things to do at the Danube River is to ride a ferry or a cruise. You can choose either a night cruise or an all-day cruise and can enjoy the marvels of Hungary while floating at the beautiful Danube River.

10.              Mosque of Pasha Qasim:

Hungary is a Christian country with Muslim population of about less than 0.05 % so this attraction could be rarely taken into account. However, once serving as a mosque, it is now used as a Roman Catholic Church. Constructed at the time when Hungary was under influence of the Ottoman Empire, Mosque of Pasha Qasim is the deluxe example of Turkish architecture in the whole country. Though the mosque is now used as a church , the inscription from the Quran can still be seen in certain parts of the building, explaining the beautified calligraphy by the Turkish writers.

11.              Visegrad Castle:

A rare sight of a castle at the hilltop, Visegrad Castle sits at the top of a hill, making it even worthy to reach it. Tourists can enjoy the climbing at the hilltop and witnessing the castle; killing 2 birds with one stone. Constructed in the 13th century, the castle was built to reinforce the fortifications along the Danube River so that any sort of invasions could be prevented. A must-see and a must-recommended sight while being in Hungary.
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Short Words About Hungary

Hungary was first inhabited by people from the Stone Age. The earliest written records date back to the 10th century BC. In the Middle Ages, Hungary became part of the Holy Roman Empire. After World War I, Hungary gained its independence in 1920.

1867, and it’s one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Here are some interesting facts about this Central European nation.
Hungary is located in central Europe. It borders Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Its capital city is Budapest.

The name “Hungary” comes from the Magyar tribe, who settled in what is now Hungary around 1000 AD.
The first written record of Hungarians dates back to 895 AD when they were mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI as one of the barbarian tribes living beyond the Danube River. In 955 AD, the Hungarians defeated the Magyars and forced them into submission. They became vassals of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The Hungarians had a very rich culture and cuisine. They were famous for their food, especially their goulash soup, paprika, and dumplings. Their cuisine was influenced by the Slavic people who lived with them.

In the 13th century, the Mongol invasion destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure. After the fall of the Kingdom of Hungary, the country became part of the Hapsburg Empire. It gained its independence again after World War I.

The first written record of the name “Hungary” dates back to 896 AD when King Mátyás (895–927) mentioned his kingdom as Hungarian regalia in a letter to Pope John VIII. The name was derived from the Magyar tribe who settled there. The word “Magyar” means “free man”.



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