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Famous Festivals of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a very famous tourist destination for its natural beauty, snow-capped Himalayas, beautiful lakes and breathtaking views. But the festivals celebrates here improve its beauty.

List of Top Most Celebrates Festivals of Uttarakhand

Swastik Holiday is a best travel agent in mumbai that offers customized tour packages. We compiled a list of famous festivals of Uttarakhand which are celebrates by the people with great zeal and enthusiast.

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest and the most popular festivals of Uttarakhand organized after every 12 years in Haridwar for 3 months.  This fair is held once in every 4 years at different locations (such as Haridwar, Allahabad, Ujjain, and Nasik). It is the largest gathering of devotees in uttarakhand from all over the world in which they taking a dip into the river Ganga to rid of their sins. The exact date is picks by the Vikrant calendar after elaborate rituals. This was last organize in Uttarakhand in April 2021.

Ghughutia or Kale Kauva

Ghughutiya or Kale Kauva is also one of the best festivals in Uttarakhand that always celebrates during the time of Makar Sankranti. At this festival the local people prepare different shape sweets like knives, swards that made from deep-fried flour. Migratory birds and crows welcome for feed. Children sing song to attract them and hope that they come back next year.

Pool Dei

Pool Dei is one of the harvest festivals of uttarakhand that celebrates in the upcoming season of spring. According to Hindu calendars, It is celebrates at the first day of Chaitra Mas, when flowers blossom. At this festival, local person of Uttarakhand prepares a ceremonial pudding which is “Dei” make from Jiggery, curd and flour. There is also a tradition on this festival in which young girls of uttarakhand plays an important role. They sing a folk song of Phool Dei and distribute Jiggery, rice and coconut home to home. They place flowers & Jiggery on the doorstep of household. It is a way of giving the blessing to households. In return householder offers sweets and blessings to these girls.


Bhitauli is a festival of uttarakhand that always celebrates in the months of Chaitra according to hindu calendar.  This festival is related to the agriculture in which women sow seeds and brothers gives gifts to their sisters.


Harela is also one of the best festival of uttarakhand that celebrates by the people of Kumaon community at the beginning monsoon or rainy season during the month of Shravana, i.e., July-August. During this festival people reap the harvest which is called Harela and make small sized statues of God’s like Maheshwar & Ganesh. There is a myth related to this festival is that the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati was takes place at this season.


Kandali festival is one of the tribunal festivals of Uttarakhand. This festival is celebrates by the Rung tribe in the Chaundans valley of Pithoragarh district in the Kumaon division. Kandali festival celebrates to memories the defeat of Sikh empire Zorawar Singh and his army who invade this region in 1841.

This festival relates with Kandali flower that blooms once in 12 years. At this festival people worships the idol of Lord Shiva made from barley & buckwheat and pray for their victories over their enemies. After puja, a ceremonial feast takes place and then raise flags and victorious cries are utter. This festival celebrates for long week in which they recreate the full scene of invade and also enjoy the local liquor.

Ghee Sankranti or Olgia

Ghee Sankranti or Olgia is a local festival of uttarakhand in which they express the gratitude of those people who make their living on the basis of farming business. It is celebrates on the first day of August (Bhado) when crops thriving and the cattle are ready to be milk. At this festival, Farmers & Craftsman’s give presents like axes, ghee, datkhocha (metallic toothpick) and firewood to the landowners and also perform the rituals of eating chapatti filled with Urad Daal & Ghee.

Vat Savitri

It is one of the famous festivals of Uttarakhand state which is celebrates on Amavasya in the month of Jyestha (June). This festival is same as Karvachoth. According to Hindu Legends, this festival is dedicates to goddess Savitri whose Husband Satyavan died early and Savitri take back his husband from the Yamraj. At this festival, all married women fast whole day for their husband long life, welfare and prosperity and worship of Goddess Savitri or bats under the Banyan tree.

Purnagiri Mela

Purnagiri Mela is one of the sacre festivals of Uttarakhand held in the Purnagiri temple. This temple is also one of the 108 ‘Siddha Peethas’ (sacred) which is visited by pilgrims during Travel Packages to Uttarakhand. It says by the Hindu legends that the navel of Sati and Savant Prajapati cuts by the Vishnu Chakra at this place. So to please the Goddess Sati this festival is celebrates every year during the period of Chaitra Navratri up to two months.

Hill Jatra Festival

The Hill Jatra Festival is only festival of Uttarakhand that was firstly observes in the Kumaour village. It is mark as the festival of farmers and shepherds. This festival is celebrates at the time of paddy plantations or “Ropai”. At this festival people sacrifices a buffalo. It is believes that to offering this sacrifices, gods are please, which leads to good crop yield. People wear cultural marks, sing songs and perform traditional folk dance during Hill Jatra festival. They make the entire festival enjoyable.

Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra

Nanda Devi raj Jat Yatra is one of the top festivals of Uttarakhand that celebrates by the both the Garhwal and Kumaon regions. It is also known as the ‘Himalayan Mahakumbh’ that marks to remembrance the Goddess Nanda Devi. Devotees from all over Himalaya regions become a part of this sacred yatra. It organized once in twelve years and celebrates up to three weeks. The distance of Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra is nearly 280 km that almost completes in 22 days with magnificently.

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