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What To Expect From Salesforce Developers?

A Salesforce development company has a wider role in accomplishing a variety of Salesforce related tasks. It is because Salesforce developers possess thorough knowledge about opportunities associated with Salesforce and AppExchange App Development work. Hence, companies need to ensure the comfort of developers so that they can easily handle tasks associated with different PaaS platforms. The reason to seek comfort is just simple developers have to undertake application development services for various cloud platforms.

Technologies That Salesforce Developers Deal With

Appexchange App Development

Presently, Salesforce is the biggest CRM platform. The popularity of this platform depicts in its large customer base which exceeds 150k+ users. Basically, CRM platforms allow companies to handle customer relationships and communications via centralized tools. These tools are good to boost business efficacy by ensuring good output results. The main task of a Salesforce developer is to handle technical aspects that relates to these three core technologies, viz;

  • Apex: This is Salesforce’s language.
  • VisualForce: This is good to develop customized pages on Salesforce applications.
  • Lightning Component Framework: It is good for developing user interfaces that are identical to Angular JS.

A Salesforce developer needs to develop customized applications that fits best with the application functionalities necessary for CRM platforms. Usually, developers handle customization aspects to offer the best possible experience to end-users. Along with it, Salesforce developers have a responsibility to integrate third-party based applications with CRM clouds to address the technical aspects.

Though it is moreover technical, the amenableness of Salesforce developers goes beyond programming. They have to collaborate with subsidiaries working in different departments, including sales, promotion, support, etc.

Developers also need to deal with quality assurance aspects. And, when needed, have to go for debugging. This is why professional Salesforce development companies look for soft skills, too, while hiring developers.

Job Responsibilities Of Salesforce Developers

All recruiters expect from Salesforce developers that they should be comfortable in delivering the advanced and relevant Salesforce applications. This way, they could meet the transitional needs essential for CRM functioning. For this reason, developers need to attend meetings with high officials to understand customers’ needs.

To fulfil customers’ requirements, developers need specific skills to develop customers’ workflows. In addition to it, developers need to develop a thorough record of customers’ needs on a timely basis. The responsibilities of Salesforce developers involve:

  • Identification of CRM demands through meeting with managers of different departments.
  • Development of personalized solutions as part of AppExchange App Development needs.
  • Design, development, and execution of applications for different companies.
  • Testing and finding of solutions to arising problems.
  • Empowerment of technical staff in developer’s team whenever the need arises.
  • Ensuring the safety of developed applications.

Daily Routine Of Salesforce Developers

The day of a Salesforce developer starts with the scrutiny of the reports presented to them. Regular scrutiny of reports is a must because it presents a clear picture of fresh requests and queries from clients. As per the level of importance of concerned cases, developers prepare strategies for the entire day.

When a manager from any department comes up with any issue to the developer, then it becomes necessary for the management team to go for a discussion on the same. This way, a proper solution for the problem can be identified.

After finding the desired solution to an emerging problem, the case then proceeds to the development phase. The actual work starts after the completion of unfinished tasks. Based on the client’s needs, the validation of functionality comes back for re-checking.

After re-checking and the client’s validation, the process moves further towards the production stage. Followed by which the developed application equips with Lightning Development tools. This reflects the suitability of the application to address the client’s day-to-day requirements.

Description Of Activities Performed By Salesforce Developers

In a broader sense, routine activities of Salesforce developers involve the following:

  1. Developers have to make decisions to fix troubleshoots and issues that obstruct the progress of Salesforce development. The decision might impact the functioning and management of several departments. Whatever the condition be, decision making is a must. It is because decisions made at the right time have a positive impact on the delivery of explicit reports. These reports highlight multiple aspects in a regular fashion.
  1. Salesforce developers need to be comfortable working in close association with concerned clients. For this purpose, they may have to conduct several surveys to identify details. This way, developers can prepare themselves to counter different CRM-related issues. Survey reports are essential because these influence the implementation of strategies framed to put forth necessary things in a timely manner.
  1. One important aspect of the developer’s role involves the development of security features. Developers need to assure the clients that all aspects pertaining to the security of settings are designed according to organizations’ security requirements.
  1. Salesforce developers have to prepare explicit strategies and methods for different business outfits. This way, developers can present multiple solutions according to different business settings.
  1. Salesforce developers must prioritize appropriate arrangements in a most accomplishing way. This way, they could avoid bottlenecks and accomplish tasks before deadlines. For this reason, developers need to conduct workshops for various Package Development Model Salesforce related factors. It is because these factors have a direct impact on the performance of the concerned framework.
  1. It is also the responsibility of developers to maintain a daily work record. Task records are helpful to maintain support-related aspects of Salesforce development works.
  1. Salesforce developers often need to connect with customers and other developers for framing strategies. This way, they frame lasting solutions for issues affecting the company’s performance. The preparation of solutions is good because it gives safety assurance at multiple levels, starting from development to the testing phase.
  1. Sometimes, Salesforce developers have to take responsibility for the maintenance of user-friendly and intuitive platforms. This way, they could address business requirements by meeting the transitional scenarios and attaining business goals.


As evident, the Salesforce developers often have to handle extensive responsibilities. This is why developers become entitled to receive handsome packages for their work. Also, the ability to handle multiple tasks makes the profile of developers highly demanding in the entire IT sector.

Any enterprise looking for a Salesforce development company must check Dreamstel Telecommunications Pvt Ltd. Dreamstel is a globally recognized Salesforce and AppExchange App Development agency. At Dreamstel, organizations can avail themselves of a number of services and solutions. These solutions and services are preferred to uplift the efficiency of enterprise performance in the competitive world.

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