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Features of React Native Framework – Reason To Build Your Next Mobile App

While developing a mobile app, preferring Native could be the option among the developers and business person. React Native has changed the pace of the mobile application market.

With React Native, now developers can use the same coding blocks for different platforms like Android and iOS by encapsulating with React and JavaScript. The usage of JavaScript does the functions of the Hybrid app development ecosystem, and the usage of React native frameworks delivers better UI/UX just as the Native apps providers.

Let’s have a look over the reasons to build your next mobile application:

Open Source

React Native is a popular open-source framework, whereas many developers and React native app development company, worldwide are using an equivalent technology, facing equivalent struggles and encountering equivalent bugs.

NPM for Installation

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, the installation process is always a headache. React Native uses NPM for installation and it is fairly easy to use it. If you are not familiar with JavaScript it’s okay, because learning NPM is not that difficult even for beginners.

Mobile Environments Performance

React Native apps are GPU oriented and give better performance compare to those native apps which are CPU oriented. This leads to better performance than CPU-oriented applications.

Modular and Intuitive

It’s very easy for other mobile app developers to delve into someone else’s project and repose on it. This increases the flexibility within a development team and makes it easier to make updates and upgrades to web applications. Tester doesn’t have to spend much time on learning programming logic and build appropriate testing scenarios. This may cause valuable time-savings, which may be a message that any customer and/or CFO likes to hear.

Speed Up Development

Speed Up App Development

This is one of the significant React Native features, as it suggests that users will see React-generated pages more quickly than others, and can be less inclined to abandon them. It also helps in terms of SEO results, Google will scan these pages more quickly, and attribute a better score to them. A really valuable advantage for web applications.

Maximum Code Reuse & Cost Saving

React Native provides the code reuse feature for both Android and iOS platforms. The cost-saving may be lower, however still more enough to make the investment worth the while. According to recent calculations, approximately 90% of the code may be reused between Android and iOS, but it might be wise to calculate some more time for practical adjustments as well.

Maximum Code Reuse & Cost Saving

Live Reload

The live reload feature provides two screens, one to change the code and another to see the modification. Anyone who has experience in mobile application development knows how this feature can make a difference.


These are the basic features of React Native. Hire React Native Developers who will provide you with the technical talents and concurrently offer React Native mobile App Development Services on both the Android and iOS devices.

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