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WhatsApp Clone : Unfold Your Instant Messaging App With The WhatsApp Clone Solution

Hi Peep! Communication channels are crucial, and so are instant messaging apps. Until a few years ago, we were relying on traditional modes of communication like postcards, phone calls, and, yes, text messages. The digital wave sank the conventional methods of communication, and as a result, the instant messaging apps came into being. 

Among the multiple instant messaging apps, WhatsApp has become the verb of instant messaging apps. WhatsApp, launched in the year 2009, didn’t gain popularity at first. It took a few years to benchmark its position among users and other instant messaging apps. Not to exaggerate, but WhatsApp is highly preferred by users for its feasible set of features. For an app to be successful, it must have a real-time feature-set and a highly responsive user interface. 

This blog will edify you on developing an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. Are you ready to absorb? Here you go!

Pivotal Features Of An Instant Messaging App Like WhatsApp

As discussed before, it is the feature-set that will paint the success of your messaging app. So, let us see through the list of features that are mandatory in your app so that you will never slip a chance to attract users.


Since this being an instant messaging app, there are certain points to consider. All the messages sent or received must be end-to-end encrypted. It is highly important than any other feature. Secondly, users must be able to know the status of the message, whether it is delivered or not. Like how WhatsApp shows single/double ticks for messages delivered. 

Also, users must be able to turn on/off their read receipts for their privacy. Other than private chat options, the group chat feature is a must in your instant messaging app. The group chat feature is useful in multiple aspects. Professionals and even educational institutions use the group chat feature to communicate with one another. Other than professional purpose, who doesn’t love talking to a bunch of friends? All would!

In group chats, admins must be given the privilege to add or remove participants. If your app sets all these traits in place, then your app is a definite success.

Media sharing

Your instant messaging should not only restrict from sharing messages but also bend to media sharing. Users must be able to send and receive multimedia messages, including documents, images, GIFs, and videos. 

People care about the quality of the media. Your app must support different document types without derailing from the prescribed formats.

Voice and video calls

The best way to enhance the quality of your app is to include video and voice calling features. Users might get bored with communicating via messages. Let them talk with their loved ones via voice/video calls. One of the main reasons behind the addiction to WhatsApp is the calling feature. Users can talk to friends or relatives around the globe via the calling feature without any charges.

Location sharing

The location-sharing feature joins the queue of real-time and beneficial features. A user can share his/her live/current location. The recipient can follow the map and track the movement of the sender. People stick with location-sharing features as they can easily find the direction or route of any place.

Status and About

People love flaunting their updates on social media. The story feature is the perfect way to share their life updates. Your app should let users upload status that will disappear in 24 hrs. Users can decide who can see their status by adjusting the visibility in the settings.

Payment wallet

You might have noticed the payment wallet in WhatsApp. By including the payment option in your instant messaging app, users will find it easy to make payments as they don’t have to switch over to payment apps. Your app must be reliable so that users will perform transactions without any threat to their data.

Web and Desktop

Your instant messaging app must be responsive to any type of gadget. Like how WhatsApp has extensions for web and desktops, where users can send or receive messages without the need of using the mobile apps.

WhatsApp clone

WhatsApp clone is an instant messaging app solution, using which you can develop your messaging app. The ultimate perk of adopting the clone solution is that you can personalize the app to a greater extent. 


At times when WhatsApp is facing a dip in its popularity, you can move the needle in your favor by investing in the WhatsApp clone solution. If you pay heed to the list of features mentioned above, then it is a win-win situation for you!

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