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Where to Buy Your Wholesale Vape Supplies

Vape shop owners know how important it is to keep high quality products in stock. This means that store owners need to find a reliable vendor to order all of their wholesale vape supplies. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier with plenty of amazing products to offer, then you need to check out Kingdom Vapor.

Kingdom Vapor

Started in 2012 and based out of Butler Pennsylvania, Kingdom Vapor is a one stop shop for all of the wholesale vape supplies that your shop might need. Their team is full of vape enthusiasts who are always busy researching the latest trends in the vape industry. This means that their customers can always always find the products that their customers are looking for when they visit their online store.

Domestic Supplier Advantages

One mistake that many vape shops make is ordering their products from overseas. While this practice can definitely help you save money, it comes with its own headaches. Not only are the shipping times significantly longer, but they are also subject to unexpected delays in customs. The team at Kingdom Vapor is also available during your regular business hours, making it easy to reach their team when needed instead of having to wait and play tag over email.

A Great Variety of Products

One great thing about working with Kingdom Vapor is their huge inventory of vape products. They carry everything your vape shop could need including starter kits, disposable vapes, traditional box mods, atomizers, and a great selection of pod systems. In addition to hardware they also have plenty of vape juice options and vaping accessories in stock so you can find something for every customer who walks through your doors. You can also place your order with confidence knowing that every item they sell has been tested by a member of their staff to ensure that it offers the performance that vapers expect.

More Than Just Vape Supplies

In addition to all of these high quality wholesale vapor products, Kingdom Vapor also carries plenty of great smoking supplies. Adding these products to your shop’s inventory is a great way to increase sales amongst your customers and even bring in some new customers. Their products include popular items such as rolling papers, herb grinders, and glass pipes. Many vapers also enjoy smoking, so have these products in stock can make your vape shop a one stop shop

No Minimum Order Quantities

If you need another reason to work with Kingdom Vapor, they also do not require minimum order quantities on any of the vape products that they offer. This means that when you order with Kingdom Vapor you don’t have to worry about buying a full case of an item that you may only need a few of. It also makes trying out new products less of a risk because you can pick up a few and see how they do before committing to a large order. This is just one of the many ways that Kingdom Vapor makes it easier for vape shop owners to get exactly what they need.

If you want to see what Kingdom Vapor can offer your vape shop, check out all of their wholesale vape products by visiting their online shop at You can create a wholesale account and gain access to all of their pricing information. If you have any questions about any of their products or the ordering process, feel free to reach out to one of their vaping experts. Their team is always happy to help their vape shop customers.

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