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Computers and Technology


Not sure which printer to choose?

Are you undecided between a Laser or an Inkjet?

Want to know which printer uses the least ink, or which printer has the cheapest cartridges?

This complete guide will clear up all your doubts!

In addition, at the end of the article, I will reveal the printer that has given us and our customers the most satisfaction, which differs from lasers and classic ink jets, because it combines the positive aspects of both.
So I advise you to read it all the way through!

Here’s what I’ll cover in this ultimate guide to choosing your printer:

  • New printer: the right questions and the deception of cheap printers
  • Which printer to choose: the advantages of a multi functional
  • Are you a photographer? Watch out for colors!
  • Laser or Inkjet: what if there was a better solution?
  • The best printer in our opinion

Which printer to Choose?

You have finally made the decision to change your old printer, for a variety of reasons: too slow, too noisy, or because you realized you were spending a fortune on cartridges!

Or, fed up with having to go to the nearest stationery shop for every single sheet to print, you’ve decided it’s time to buy one.

I guess you then found yourself wandering around electronics stores or leafing through pages and internet pages looking for the perfect printer for you, without being able to figure it out.

This is because BEFORE rushing to buy a new printer you should ask yourself the right questions.

New printer – the right questions make a difference.
Let’s start with the wrong question:

How much does the printer Cost?

If you start from this question, in 90% of cases you will find yourself buying an inexpensive inkjet printer, convinced that you have saved “because I use it so little”.

And if you are among that 90% you will find yourself spending a fortune on cartridges, which, by the way, always end too soon (to understand this concept well, you must be clear about the meaning of “print yield”).

I’ll tell you a secret:

The goal of anyone who sells you a printer is not to sell you the printer.

His goal is to sell you the cartridges!

The salesman knows very well that by buying that model of printer, then you will have to go back to him often to buy cartridges, and in the long run he will make a lot more money.

Don’t worry, we all fell for it …

But instead let’s talk about the right questions to ask yourself to choose the right printer for you:

– Do I print mainly in color, or in black and white? Do I print images and photos, or sheets of text?

– How often do I use the printer? Every day, once a week, once a month?

– Each time I use the printer, how many pages do I print?

Let’s analyze them one by one.

1. Do you print mainly in color?

Do you print a lot of images, or maybe you are a photographer and need high quality prints?

Then the solution for you is an inkjet printer, which offers higher print quality.

However, you will have to resign yourself to the fact that the cost per copy is quite high (actually there is a solution, if you have the patience to get to the bottom of this article, I will reveal it to you and I promise you will be satisfied).

If you print mostly in black and white and mostly text sheets, then consider the second question.

2. How often do you use the printer?

Print frequency is critical.

If you print very infrequently (once a month or less), then our advice is NOT to buy a printer.

Because? Because even if you buy an inexpensive printer, beyond the cost of the cartridges, you would risk having to throw them out before you run out of them, because after some time of inactivity they tend to dry out.

In this case, rely on copy service.

If you print a little, but still about once a week, you can opt for an inkjet printer: even if the cartridges cost more, you can save on the printer, and the annual expense will not be too high.
If, on the other hand, you print regularly and at a frequency of about 2, 3 times a week or more, you can opt for a laser printer, which offers fast print speeds and a very low cost per copy.

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