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Who Should Not Be Invited for Attending Your Home Inspection?

Home inspections are conducted by a qualified team of inspectors. The inspection is mainly scheduled by the buyer of the property. During the inspection, a home inspector will have his best team working on the premises.

If you have approached your estate agent, then your agent can be present along with you during the home inspection. You can make your request for the best home inspection in Lexington team for your property evaluation.

An expert home inspection team will only permit few members to attend the home inspection. Not everyone will be permitted to stay on the premises during the inspection.

The listing agent or the seller of the property

If you are a seller or the listing agent then you should not be present during the home inspection. Sellers may hold their rights, but it is not advisable.

The home inspection team could locate many faults within the property. The home inspection team will be paid from the buyer’s side. So it is certain that the buyers will always have first rights on the home inspection report.

The home inspector will always communicate with the buyer for giving or collecting information about the property. Buyers are allowed to make their comments and requests and not the seller. If you are a listing agent then you will never be allowed to negotiate with the home inspector.

Special debate sessions

During or after the home inspection is done, the listing agent and the sellers will be allowed to enter into a short debate session. The debate will be carried out by the home inspection team. Buyers will have to stay present during the debate sessions.

Queries will be put forward by the home inspection team. Sellers and the listing agents are expected to provide valid answers and reasons. Negotiation will not be allowed during this time. Buyers will still be given full benefit to inspect the property conditions on their own.

Family members and friends

In most cases, family members and the friends of the buyers or sellers will not be allowed to interrogate the home inspection team. If they have any queries then they will have to wait for their turn to speak or interact.

Unless the friend is an expert in the field of home inspection field, his reviews will not be collected. A professional home inspection team is aware of their general task. They will only allow interaction when they have doubts.

Contractor team

After the inspection is done, all issues will be highlighted by the expert team in the report. At this time the home inspection team will allow the contractor to communicate. Buyers are free to hire any contractor team for further evaluation.

Evaluation can be conducted for any issue that needs to be repaired or replaced. The contractor will provide details of the cost of repairs to the buyers.

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