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Why Android App Development Is Beneficial for Businesses Seeking Growth and Visibility?

In this fast-paced digital era, one standard question revolves around every business, a startup, or a well established MNC. What is the next step for growth? Or How to increase the visibility of their product and services? Many such questions pop up like these, the appropriate answer is a mobile app. The businesses consider developing a compatible app as one of their priorities as recent stats show an increasing percentage of smartphone usage. 

Firstly, why should an app-based development be made? 

Nowadays, name the service and you will find an app will be the right slogan in the android mobile platform. With the percentage of smartphone users steadily increasing, mobile apps show a promising reach and timely inclusiveness where businesses can do targeted advertising and the consumers can negotiate with any business. 

Why android mobile platform? 

The first query to be handled will be choosing an apt mobile platform for your app. Being more accessible by people from all walks of life, Android will be the option if the businesses want to have an extended customer base, the number of android users is also more than double the number of iOS users. Thus android apps with endless resources and functionalities in a limited budget will be a go-to option for businesses worldwide. Apart from these number stats, below are some benefits reaped by using an android app. 

Benefits of having an android app! 

a)Increased visibility-The users are in constant search for apps that can address their needs to the point. On average, millions of apps get downloaded on the google play store alone. Hence there is an extensive opportunity for the business apps to be viewed very frequently in this vast 

global open market. Thus, there are good chances for the international reach of brands easily through an app and user sharing.

b)Reduced time to market- In businesses, sometimes extra codes need to be produced with more data analysis. That can be done with just a tap in android app developments reducing IT wastes and product and services launch delays. It is also easy to implement ideas, arriving at the end product at a much faster pace, creating an opportunity to increase business profits. 

c)Evolving platform with endless scope for innovation- Android has followed a path of evolution with limitless innovations at each level to stay on track in this competitive world, providing the user to produce up-to-date features as per customer needs. There is no need for redundancy of the whole process of app development but only the up-gradation of new features. Businesses can regularly look out for new markets to increase their growth. 

d)Targeted marketing- Not every individual will have the same needs also the products and services will have seasonal changes. The ease of direct and personalized marketing helps in delivering optimized content according to the interests, tastes, and preferences of the users. The STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) marketing can be accomplished to great extent using mobile apps. Also, AI analyzes data by syncing user’s social media accounts to know the current trends and liking of individuals. 

e)High ROI with less investment- Android app development is a boon to startups and other established businesses. As an open-source platform, most app development services and the android software app development kit itself is made freely accessible to the users. The licensing cost is also not too expensive and is of great help for both freelancing developers and beginners. 

The whole of the developmental process from app designing to launching can be done readily at a lower cost to attract an enormous customer base, thus it can be a viable option even for small sector enterprises. 

f)Accessible, engaging, and customizable- Individuals always wish for an engaging and accessible platform. This interaction will increase the visibility and reach of your business. This results in increased branding and profits in a much lesser time. Informing users of new products and offers makes the business get on track with the market competitors.

Where websites give information using android apps can increase the sales itself. Likewise, businesses can choose a preferable working time based on organizational targets and market trends to increase app efficiency. 

g)Real-time solutions- Android apps can be designed with inbuilt help desks and support systems to give real-time solutions to the customer base. The consumers will develop trust and connection when their queries and concerns are addressed without much time-lag. This is when the android platform having in-built features supporting apps to give real-time solutions according to individual inquiries comes into the picture. 

h)Customization and integration at ease- All you need to have is a customer-friendly app module rest all is taken care of at the android platform itself. The flexibility to customize and a list of enhancing features will make the end product market-ready and much to the likeness of the customer. 

Integration with other apps or services is also made easy in the android platform, where interoperability takes place in the most secure and useful way. Also, the deep integration of Google services is better in android platforms. 

i)The very presence builds trust- Most present-day businesses have understood the need for building customer loyalty and trust. It is the utmost critical aspect of marketing a business. The android apps create a mutatis mutandis atmosphere where the customer base can reach the business providers in a tap and the businesses can endorse their products and services at any time to the customers. 

Thus brand loyalty and reach increase through word of mouth as stats reveal that app promotions have a considerable impact on customers than the banners and tv commercials. 

j)Enhanced Security- In this digital era, protection against cyber attacks, threats, and vandalism prove to be very important. The android platform gives users many additional and in-built security features. The breach of financial data, confidential executive decisions, consumer data privacy, and other data that can destruct or provide potential information to the competitors is on the must protection list. The android platform is round the clock improving its security features to provide a safe merchandising experience for the business and a satisfying consumer experience.

Recent trends to follow for growth and visibility! 

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#Business-friendly features in the recent updates of Android (e.g-Lollipop) #Wearable Device 

#Bring your own device (BYOD) concept 


#Data analysis through AI 

#Robotic process automation 

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Wrapping up the context! 

From only communicating with clients, mobile apps have come a great way. Nowadays, they even allow business owners to understand the demographics of their customers and also the rising trends. If the business’s target audience is between 19 -27 years of age, it is mandatory to have an app-based service for your business to reach out to younger demographics. 

Considered to be the main component for global business, no matter whether the business is product-based or service-based, having an Android app will increase brand attachment resulting in fast growth. 

Thus android apps are an icon of customer importance and will act as a channel to reach maximum customers and hence foster business growth, sales, and visibility.

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