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Why Choose India To Start Your Yogic Journey

Wondering about starting your yoga journey? Great! Yoga practice opens myriads of possibilities and opportunities for you to grow. However, you might be confused about the location of yoga teacher training. From all the places in the world, India could be the best yoga destination for you. Read the following reasons as to why to do yoga study in India. Roll on.

Why Choose India To Practice Yoga

Birthplace of yoga

Yoga comes from India. Moreover, Rishikesh, India is regarded as the world capital of yoga. Yoga was first taught in Vedas, Indian ancient philosophical texts. However, a more extensive description of yoga was first given in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

So if you choose India as your yoga destination, you would be learning yoga in its truest sense. Also, yoga teachers have grown practicing yoga in their everyday lives. Thus, they have a deep understanding of yoga as a lifestyle and not just some physical exercise.

Experience Ashram Life

You might have experienced a luxurious life with all the amenities at your disposal. However, you experience ashram life when you decide to do yoga study in India. It helps you to live a simple yet fulfilling life. Moreover, it is going to push you to dive much deeper into your yoga training.

In simple terms, an ashram is a yoga school that solely focuses on yoga training. Therefore, it is designed to practice minimalism, so that, you can concentrate more on practicing yoga. You also get to live and experience a yogic life.

Meeting Like-minded People

India is world-famous as a perfect location to practice yoga or to go on a yoga retreat. Thousands of yoga aspirants and practitioners visit India every year. Therefore, you get the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people when you choose to do yoga study in India.

It would be a rare opportunity for you to have mind-opening discussions with people having a diverse perspective on life. You might form some strong bonds with other companions that could turn to be your life-long friends. Thus, it enriches your yoga teacher training experience.

Combining YTT With Traveling

If you love traveling and yoga at the same time, think no more while choosing India as your yoga destination. It helps you to travel throughout India while exploring varying elements of yoga. Therefore, you could explore India which opens a world full of diversity before you.

When you spend time meeting and conversing with people from different ethnicity, you gain new thinking patterns and perspectives. A few places that you can explore could be Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, and many more.

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Connecting With Nature

India has some of the most beautiful and peaceful locations that you can visit to experience mental calm. Rishikesh is like a paradise on earth located in the lap of the Great Himalayas. Also, the river Ganges is flowing by like a snake enhancing the natural beauty of Rishikesh.

Moreover, you get a silent place to reach the deepest core of your mind while practicing meditation. The same quiet and calm attitude is reflected in your life when you choose India as your yoga destination.

Wrap Up

India helps you to experience a pure yogic lifestyle, so that, you get to taste the true meaning of yoga. From morning to night, you live a simple life and eat a balanced diet. It ensures that you regain energy to keep going with your yoga practice.

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