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Why do most Indian Students Prefer to study MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines

Each of the Indian medical aspirants bent towards Philippines since the country provides Indian kind of climate. Whenever medical students Opt to study MBBS in Abroad there are few destinations within their listing like MBBS at China, MBBS at Ukraine and MBBS at Russia but one of them MBBS in Philippines is among the most preferred destination for your Indian students due to numerous reasons. But prior to going into the nation, the aspirants or applicants must perform sufficient research work about the nation in addition to the schooling system of Philippines. This article can allow you to have a smart decision concerning the medical education system in Philippines. So stay tuned on the page until the end.

A brief discussion about Philippines and medical education in Philippines for any one who has an idea to study medicine in Philippines is essential. This article covers all essential things a student requires to know before he proceeds to study medicine from a Philippines Medical college.

MBBS in Philippines from top medical college


The nation is the 5th largest island nation of the planet. The nation comprises of many amazing islands. Formation of landscape is unique or bizarre from many other island nation. Finally Philippines have been divided into several islands from the sea. The biggest island among the islands is Luzon Island. The capital city of the nation is Manila. The most populated area of the nation is Quezon City, part of the Metro Manila. The nation is full of bio diversity and is extremely famous because of its tropical beaches, temples, mountains and a lot more. There are many tourists appeal for example Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Alona Beach of Bohol, Sangat Island, Nacpan Island and a Lot More.


The climate of the country is mainly varied which provides tropical kind of climate round the year. The atmospheric position of the nation is quite much like this climate of India. Since Philippines is a typhoon vulnerable nation, the nation receives powerful or dangerous storms in the month of July to October. Typhoons are particularly poisonous in the eastern and southern area of the nation. The warmth of the nation gets cooler since the month of January arrives. The nation’s climate is raised to warmer and humid times since the month of May arises.


The Government of Philippines has begun improving the infrastructure of the nation in the last several decades. The transport system of the nation is under developed due to the broken islands and neglect of this authorities. The most well-known way of road transportation is that the iconic Jeepneys. The Jeepneys are usually known as Jeeps or buses and they’re well-known for their rocking chairs and kitsch decorations onto it. Another famous used public transportation is motorized tricycles that are similar to Auto-rickshaw. The nation can also be connected via railways, it’s four railroad lines. The nation is well concatenated via the ferry providers. The Pasig River Ferry service is the sole water based transport of Metro Manila.


A nation’s culture is something that makes the nation different from others on earth. The Filipino civilization is the combination of modern civilization and Spanish civilization. The nation’s culture entails the habits, manners, etiquette of dwelling. The constitution of the nation offers freedom of faith to the taxpayers of the nation. Most of the people follows Christianity from the country. The social life of the nation comprises of literature, music, dancing, arts. The traditional songs is motivated by the native beliefs and customs. There are various kinds of Filipino dancing including Cordillera, tribal, Muslim, rural, and Spanish design dances. Jerrah is the very well-known dance form from the cordillera area. The potteries are created for cooking function i.e. known as the Kalinga Pottery.


The island can be found in the western Pacific Ocean. In 1987 it had been announced that Filipino is the national language of the nation. Instead, Filipino and English both would be the official speech of the nation. The mother tongue of sailors is Lingua Franca. Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation of the planet. At the Schools and Faculties of the nation English and Filipino both are Regarded as the medium of learning. From the early 19th and 20th century under the Spanish Colonial principle, Spanish speech was utilized from the schools. Thus, Spanish became the speech of Philippine Revolution. Gently under the US job English became the language of instruction from the Schools.


From the culinary world the Filipino cuisine of the nation secures its place. The nation integrates a huge array of classic flavors and cooking methods. Rice is the basic food of this Filipino cuisine. The nation not only contains of those exotic beaches and islands but also tempting and lip smacking food also. The Filipinos are die-heart enthusiast of this Adobo; it’s a combination of meat (pork or chicken ), pepper, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and other pungent spices. The delight of this Filipinos changes from Lechon into Chicken Inasal. The nation peoples are extremely fond of road food. The Filipinos are always prepared to dive to the road food for example Balut, Isaw, Helments, Chicken chunks, etc.. Because, Filipinos had a sweet tooth that they enjoyed their candy dish following their meal. As the nation is abided to tropical kind of climate, the Filipinos generally favor the deserts cooked with coconut and rice.


The money of Philippines is Piso or even Pesos, the official currency of the nation is Pesos. The official code of this money is PHP. Since the United States Colony dominated the nation, English language is used on the money of the nation. From the Pre-Colonial coinage that the nation was ran over Barter system also. The Barter system generated an inconvenience however utilizes some things as the medium of trade. Hence that the usage of the system was barred anyplace on the planet. Now, the money has amazing colorful notes. But, ATMs can be found in all the large cities of the nation. The banknotes can be found in 6 denominations for example 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Pesos.

Other Key factors about MBBS in Philippines

The Indian health students are constantly attracted towards analyzing MBBS in Philippines since the nation is English speaking nation. Researching MBBS at Philippines creates excellent opportunities in the Career of healthcare students. The Indian health students always strive harder to get entrance in India. They wish to perform MBBS in India but couldn’t secure a chair in Government Medical College nor at Private Medical College so that they can definitely pick the nation for analyzing MBBS in Philippines. The nation’s medical students have been recognized and favored from the US i.e. United States. The pupils who graduated in the Philippines are highly demanded from the US after passing a licensing exam i.e. USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination).

Top reasons to study MBBS in Philippines

  • Suitability of This climate to the Indian Pupils.
  • So the students may get the surroundings readily.
  • The medium of education or communication is English so that the students need to not learn a new language.
  • The pupils get opportunity to showcase their understanding since they must look NMAT Exam prior to entering any University or College in Philippines. NMAT is compulsory test that’s required to be looked regardless of the applicants pass it or not, they have registered in the University or College. So the candidates receive best advice around the program.
  • Researching MBBS at Philippines Provides the pupils international exposure.
  • The pupils get Indian food in hostels and in restaurants readily. The nation is foodie too. The students may taste unique tastes of the nation when researching. The pupils get Indian vegetarian food for example north Indian, south Indian and a lot more assortment of meals.
  • The applicants get sufficient employment opportunities over the nation in addition to in India.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

  • The price of instruction and cost of living is quite affordable in the nation.
  • The graduated students are accepted. The amount profiting from Philippines has international approval.
  • No Donation Is Needed in the Faculties or Colleges of Philippines.
  • Every University or College is known and accepted by both MCI and WHO respectively.
  • The authorities of the nation maintains secure atmosphere for its international students in addition to the federal pupils.
  • The infrastructure of each Colleges or Faculties is world class and distinctive from one another. The pupils shouldn’t be deprived of this since they could study MBBS at Philippines.

Eligibility criteria

  • The student should reach the age of 18 years on or before 31st December on the year of entrance.
  • The applicants should procure 50 percent in their 12th regular from Science flow (Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology) from CBSE/ISC or alternative Condition Equivalent Board of Examination.
  • The candidates should look and be eligible in NEET 2020 (Preparation strategies for NEET 2020) that’s conducted by NTA. The minimal passing marks for general category candidates is 134 and ST/SC/OBC class candidates are 107.




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