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Why do we Need to Convert Files to PDF Format?

Introduction of JPG to PDF 

In this digital world mostly the advertising content is created as images. Apart from advertisements, the images are excessively present around us, whether in form of selfies, infographics, or any kind of pictorial representation.

These images are created in JPG format, which can be modified by anyone accessing it. Moreover, the JPG images are much bigger in size even for small images. However, the same image when converted to PDF, has a compact size and no one could alter it in any way.

For sharing the images in a secure manner and saving them in relatively compact size the JPG formats are converted to PDF files. JPG to PDF converters are readily available on the web and could be accessed conveniently.

Different image formats we can convert (jpg, jpeg, png) 

The images are mostly created and stored in formats like JPG, JPEG or PNG. As these are the default image formats. However, for various reasons including encryption of created image, good resolution or compact file size they are frequently converted to other formats i.e. PDF. 

The method to convert these image formats to PDFs is a one-step convenient way. All it takes is the JPG to PDF tool, for conversion from any of the above-mentioned formats. Whether your image is in JPG, JPEG or PNG format using an online picture to pdf converter tool the image is transformed into a good resolution PDF copy.

Why do we convert JPG to PDF

The resolution of images is the main constituent responsible for their good visuals. An amazing image with poor resolutions couldn’t appeal to any of its viewers. However, PDF creates amazing resolution of any image attracting the eyes of the viewer towards them.  Check out the best PDF Editor here!

Moreover, the size of images in PDFs is considerably small as compared to other image formats. Even if your image and its pixels are quite small the image in other formats would occupy large owing to its size. 

Images in other formats are always created in big sizes occupying larger spaces. Thus for many reasons including good quality resolution, encryption and size of the image file, the images are converted into reliable and compact image format, the PDF.

Benefits of converting PNG/JPG to PDF

Preserve quality 

The PDFs are prominent for their good quality visuals and preserving the format. The quality of your image is kept intact while being converted to PDFs. Any image whose pixels are not remarkable and forms a poor quality on viewing, after converting to PDF forms great resolution and amazing picture quality.  

Save memory

The images when converted in PDF format are in smaller size, occupying less space. Comparatively, the original image would be in bigger size ultimately occupying large space. Therefore, converting images to JPG format occupies less space and saves memory on your device.

Long-lasting data

The PDF files are highly competent and the data stored in these formats are long lasting. The PDF files never become corrupted or no loss of data occurs.  Thus the PDF formats are considered highly reliable for long lasting data storage.

Attachment purpose

Some file uploading platforms have format restrictions where you can only upload files other than PDFs. Other formats other than PDF are either not supported or acceptable on those platforms. 

So in order to attach images there, they are first converted to PDF files. The conversion of the images benefits in the way that no one could alter or edit them in any possible way.

Can we convert PDF to image again? 

Any image that is converted in a PDF file can be converted back to its original image format. Using the free pdf to jpg converter, you can successfully have your PDF converted image back to JPG image. It is not one of the necessary for most people. Because you can store unlimited images in a single PDF. but we need large storage to convert back these images to PNG or JPG format.

But nowadays it is the need of most of the people to convert images back from pdf to Jpg formats. Because we have to use a single image at a time, Whenever we need to put it on any social media platform.

Other formats for converting PDF files 

The images that have been converted to PDF files can also be converted to other file formats including PPT and Word.


To convert the PDF file to PPT slideshow, use a PDF to PPT conversion tool. Within a fraction of seconds your PDF will be converted as a PowerPoint file. That converted PPT can be downloaded on any device.

PDF to Word

The PDFs in the same manner can also be converted to Microsoft Word files conveniently using the PDF to Word tool. Simply upload your PDF file on PDF to Word site and you will have your PDF file as an MS Word file.

How to convert JPG to PDF

The process of converting JPG images to PDF files is as easy as a pie. All you need is a good internet connection, your favorite browser and a JPG to PDF converting tool. First of all, rush to your portable device and open your browser. Look for an online PDF tools site and choose a notable one.

After being redirected to its homepage select the JPG to PDF tool. As a second step, upload your JPG image in the space provided. You can also drag and drop your file there directly. 

Afterward, select the convert option and TA-DA, you will be displayed the PDF format of your image. At last, download it on your device and share it anywhere without concern for the privacy of your image. 

So here we have what is the images to portable document file conversion. Also, we have learned why it becomes necessary to convert our memorable images to combined pdf documents.

No doubt technology makes it easy for us for that conversion. We can easily convert images to pdf and pdf back to images in a few minutes with the help of technology. So keep connected with Dorj Blog to continue your learning with us.


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