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5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Counselor

There are unlimited career options nowadays, but what matters is which career you are most inclined towards—the career that sits well with your passion. If you are a student deciding whether you should have a career in counseling or not, you have come to the right place for advice. A career in counseling will provide you with benefits you would not even see coming.

A counselor helps people from every walk of life identify and face their life’s challenges. With the help of a counselor, people can find the right way to solve their problems. It’s a purpose and passion-driven field. Counselors or therapists help people in very different settings, from individual to group counseling, from counseling at schools and offices to the community level.

Here are five reasons why you should become a counselor.

  • Several Options of Specialization:

There is a vast range of specializations you can choose from. While completing your master’s in counseling degree, you can pick a specialization that will help you get closer to your dream job. You can choose from a myriad of specialties based on your preference, skills, and interests. Deciding on a specialization during your studies means you can complete a placement in that counseling sector for practice and become an expert by the time you complete your degree.

There are many schools for counseling degrees that you can select from. Some schools offer online counseling study programs as well. So, even as a practicing counselor, you can find a suitable counseling school online and gain higher education and extra credentials for specialization. Some fields of specialization are: –

  • Educational Counseling: help students at all education levels, from elementary level to college level, with their academic and personal life problems affecting them
  • Rehabilitation Counseling: help people with mental and physical disabilities to achieve their goals, be more independent, and overcome challenges successfully
  • Substance Abuse Counseling: diagnose and treat people with addictions, eating disorders, behavioral issues, and alcohol and drug problems to overcome these problems and lead a healthy, happy life
  • Family Counseling: help couples and families with issues like divorce or adolescent behavioral problems to improve communication and develop mutual respect and understanding


  • Job Flexibility and Growth:

A career in counseling allows you to have a work-life balance, as it offers flexible working hours. As a counselor, you get to schedule appointments with patients, and you can do that efficiently by arranging them according to a schedule suitable for you. You can also offer your services during non-traditional working hours. It’s different from a traditional 9-to-5 job. You work for only the number of hours during your scheduled meetings for the day, and that is up to you to decide. On average, counselors work only 34 hours a week.

Counselors also have some extra benefits like vacations. For example, school counselors get to enjoy summer breaks too, etc. Due to technological advancement and the pandemic and lockdowns, many counselors have started providing counseling services online via video calls. On top of that, this field has massive growth potential and also pays well.

According to BLS, the growth rate of job opportunities for substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral disorders counselors is 23% from 2020 to 2030. This is much more than the average growth in all other jobs combined. The median salary for these professions was $48,520 annually in 2021. There were 327,500 jobs in these professions in 2020 alone, and over the decade, on average, there will be 41,000 openings each year for these professions, according to estimated projections. Thus, this is an ever-growing field, as the world will always need good counselors.

  • A Meaningful and Satisfying Career:

If you are purpose-driven and want to do something meaningful in life, then a counseling career is the best choice for you. Most people choose this career because they want to help their community meaningfully. It’s not a typical desk job. As a counselor, you pull people out of their miseries and problems. You help others reach their full potential and live their happiest lives. You are giving people hope and the means to successfully defeat their challenges.

Counseling is one of the most satisfying careers. A Career Explorer survey states that most counselors find their work meaningful, their work environment good, and their work satisfying. Counseling is one of the top 33% of jobs where people report complete happiness and satisfaction in their work. Counselors also report a feeling of pride and achievement as they complete training and receive the state license to practice.

  • Professional Growth:

As a counselor, you cherish the feeling of your patient doing better in life and growing personally and even professionally. But it’s not only for your client’s betterment; in this career, you will also have a chance to grow professionally. It’s about your betterment, too. First, you develop and sharpen various skills such as listening and problem-solving. Counseling skills are highly transferable skills that are useful for people in different professions, like teachers, social workers, etc.

Second, you can learn and master new techniques and learn about the advancements in this field. Counseling is a science-based method, and there are always new discoveries coming to light. Discoveries in medicine, psychology, sociology, and endocrinology will help you learn new things and apply those to your practice. You must always stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments and apply the latest methods to your sessions with clients. This way, you will always keep growing professionally.

  • Opportunity of Self-Employment:

A career in counseling will enable you to have self-employment opportunities. You can start your private practice and be your boss. To start a private practice and open your clinic, you must fulfill all the relevant requirements. This means you have to attain certain academic credentials, licensure, etc.

This way, with a private counseling practice, you become in charge, and you can adjust your schedule. Also, as you will be the one receiving the profit, you will earn more in the form of a salary. After gaining experience for some years, you can start your private counseling practice. Remember, it is a big investment, and you will also need to complete a master’s in counseling.


Counseling is a fulfilling profession. If you want to bring positive change to this world and impact people’s lives in a good way, a career in counseling will be the best choice for you. If you are a good listener and have a problem-solving mindset, this career is for you. Take a look at these five reasons to know why you should become a counselor.

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