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5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Coming Up on Google

Do you feel that you have done everything right, yet your company website still cannot be seen in Google’s search results? Many things prevent you from showing up at the top of Google. Mostly, they are easy to fix. Learn more about reasons why your website isn’t coming up on google!

Below, we have explored the possible reasons why your website does not appear in Google and how to fix that particular issue either through SEO professional services or website optimization service.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Coming Up on Google!


Your website is new (the main reason your website isn’t coming up on google)

It takes time to find new websites and pages on Google. This is the main reason your website isn’t coming up on Google. If you launched your site this evening itself, the most direct explanation is that Google has not yet found it. To check if your website has been crawled, do a search for the site:

If there are at least one to two results, Google is aware of your site. If you don’t see any results, create an XML sitemap and submit it via Google Search Console.

You are preventing SERPs from indexing your pages

If you add the “no index” tag to Google now showing some pages, it did not. You can do this with an index ‘no index’ meta tag. If Google has crawled your pages by a sitemap and it will tell you that you have ‘noindexed’ pages, use Google Search Console to find the details and click on the ‘Coverage’ report. Continue reading to learn more about 5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Coming Up on Google!

You are preventing search engines from crawling your pages

Most websites have a robots.txt file that instructs search engines not to crawl certain pages. If you have submitted your sitemap through Google Search Console, then you should alert them about the issues related to it. Go to the “Coverage” reports section and see “Submitted URLs” blocked by robots.txt errors.

You can also manually look through yourdomain.robots.txt.

You do not have enough high-quality backlinks

If nothing stops Google from searching your website, then you still need to prove to them that it is eligible to rank. To see the number of backlinks that link to your pages, paste your URL into a free backlink checker tool and get a “do-follow” and – no-follow “link. The more you have backlinks from high DA PA websites, the more likely you are to appear on search results.

Your page lacks “rights”

Google’s ranking algorithm is based on PageRank, which calculates the total number of quality required and internal links as votes. To check the URL rating of web-pages, paste the URL into a href tool, using the Keyword Explorer to compare the UR of the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. If the top-ranking pages have a much higher UR score than your pages, it is likely that you lack ‘link authority’. Create more backlinks and add more internal links to boost the authority of the web page.

You have google penalty

Google’s fine may be one reason for not appearing in Google. Google penalties are of two types.

Manual – This is when Google removes your sites from search results when a Google employee views your website manually and finds that it does not follow their webmaster guidelines.

Algorithmic – This is when Google algorithms suppress your site or pages in SERPs due to quality issues. This is when a computer says what a human says.

We use Google penalty recovery methods that are completely transparent to get you out of fines.

Final thoughts

Ranking in Google’s search results is like playing video games. Fix serious technical issues like tags’ no-index tags, robots.txt before playing the game. Seek expert SEO professional services for help!

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