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7 gadgets to look after your cat or dog in your absence

what he might do during your absence, is he is getting enough food on time? All dog and cat owners are familiar with these feelings, especially when they go to work in the morning or on extended weekends, even if they have asked a relative or petsitter to look after them. While nothing can replace the time you spend interacting with your dog or cat, there are gadgets that keep them occupied and even stimulated during the day.

Here are seven gadgets for cats and/or dogs that can be handy when they are alone for a while.

The electric litter that cleans automatically

best cat litter

Cats like to have their own litter. If they feel that it is not enough, they may do their needs outside the litter box. To avoid this type of inconvenience, especially if you are away for a while, there are electric litters that automatically clean after your cat passes and that neutralize odours, such as the Litter Robot, sold for 449.17 euros.

Water fountain

Dogs and cats should hydrate, especially in hot weather. Good hydration is essential to regulate their body temperature. Some cats, in particular, don’t like to drink — and this can cause kidney problems. The water fountain is a good way to make this activity fun. There is a wide range of water fountains, from different brands(Dadypet, PetSafe, Drinkwell, Cat it etc).

The two-in-one device that monitors and feeds your pet

Many dog and cat owners often wonder what their pet does when it is home alone. Equipped with a surveillance camera, Furbo — as well as PetCube — is one of the two-in-one connected devices that allow you to both monitors your pet remotely and play with it by throwing croquettes at it. Furbo connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor your pet throughout the day from the app installed on your smartphone. You can also throw a kibble at your pet remotely via this same app. Sold for 199 euros, Furbo is specially designed for dogs, as it features a feature that detects barking and sends you to push notifications.

Pet Feeder

If you are concerned that your pet will run out of fresh food while you are away, there are different models of vending machines on the market, from the most basic to the most connected, to solve this problem. The SureFeed food dispenser, which starts at $89.99 on Amazon, detects your pet’s microchip or radio-frequency authentication medallion and only opens for it. This system keeps food out of the reach of flies, other pets or young children.

Connected toys


There are many toys that can keep your pet busy while you’re at work: automatic laser for cats (for example, PetSafe’s FroliCat BOLT sold for around 20 euros on zooplus), ball throwers for dogs (for example, the iFetch sold for 187 euros on Amazon)etc. There are also Kickstarter connected toy projects such as the Pet Robot from California-based Varram, which allows your pet to exercise and distribute treats.

The connected flap

The connected flap allows your pet to go out and get home as he pleases. It detects your pet with a microchip, opens automatically every time it approaches and shuts up when it is far enough away. There are different models: PetSafe SmartDoor sold from 94 euros on Amazon; different connected chats — or not — are offered by Sure Petcare etc.

The activity tracker

There are connected pet collars that track their activities. Moreover, according to the survey of the Observatory of the French and their pets, this category of gadgets is among the ones that arouse the most interest on the part of owners. The Weenect brand manufactures GPS systems for cats (69.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website) and dog systems (69.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website), as well as the Tractive brand (49.99 euros plus subscription price). To get more stuff related to dog product reviews visit: thepawcollar.

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