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List Of Dog Food Ingredients That You Should Avoid At All Costs

If you’re an amateur dog owner, then you should learn the significance of fillers in your dog food. It should be realised that dog goof companies have to meet certain protein requirements when they manufacture dog food and to reach that objective, fillers are used. 

While using fillers might sound normal, protein fillers don’t add any value to your dog food’s nutritional diet. Adding fillers may make the food look healthier to the consumers, but ingredients such as these tend to be simply unhealthy. Therefore, let’s look at some of the dog food ingredients that you should be avoiding. 

The List Of Dog Food Ingredients That Should Be Prevented

  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)

BHA can be described as a chemical preservative which has been discovered in many dog treats and food. The preservative is used to contain the oils and fat present in the dog food. 

It should be perceived that BHA has already been listed as a carcinogenic material by medical experts around the world. BHA can negatively affect the kidneys and liver of animals. 

The best dog training in Perth services states that in some countries around the world, it has been already banned. Even though you might feed your dog with dog food in small quantities every day, but over time it can pose a challenging threat to your dog’s life. 

  • White Flour

In dog food, white flour is used as a filler and binder. It can be better described as a bleached flour that contains an almost negligible nutritional value. Even though you might think white flour can be quite harmless, it can easily cause blood sugar spikes. 

Such an issue will make you feel full for only a short period but not for a sustained amount of time. This will lead to weight gain and thereby obesity in dogs. Sometimes, it can also lead to diabetes. 

  • Artificial Flavourings Or Colours

It should come as no surprise that artificial flavourings and colours are added to various dog foods, which will help in the creation of better smelling or looking dog food. Some of the commonly found dyes are Red 40, Blue 2, Yellow 5 and 6.

You must remember that the addition of such ingredients are always unnecessary and they are only added to make the food look appealing to the dogs and their owners. Intake of such ingredients will lead to hypersensitivity, hyperactivity and other allergic reactions. 

Therefore, it’s essential that you always check the ingredients of your dog food before you plan on purchasing it. Moreover, it’s recommended that you provide fresh food to your dog more often rather than solely relying upon market-bought dog food brands. 

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