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Banksy Canvas Prints

Banksy Canvas Prints:

Banksy Canvas Prints has been raising its profile by selling original works of art to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera.

In 2006, Christina Aguilera spent $25,000 on three pieces of Banksy artworks, though that figure pales in comparison to what Angelina Jolie spent on Banksy artworks after visiting a Los Angeles exhibition.

Banksy’s popularity has also been greatly aided by his ability to remain anonymous for over a decade. There has been much speculation and media attention surrounding Banksy’s alleged identity due to the great cloud of secrecy surrounding his true identity.

Although major British newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Guardian have speculated about who Banksy is, it is safe to say that we will not know for sure who he is until he tells us.

Banksy’s anti-establishment accomplishments

With his wry sense of humor and willingness to challenge the establishment, Banksy appeals to the majority of people. Banksy’s anti-establishment accomplishments include the nine images he created on the Israeli West Bank barrier, in the state of Palestine, which ruffle a few feathers in the houses of parliament.

But his depictions of ‘anarchist rats’ and ‘kissing coppers’ may rile some, but his work on the Israeli West Bank barrier provides him with his biggest challenge. As Banksy demonstrated, he will not allow any authority, no matter how powerful, to stop him from spreading his message.

When you put these three points together you can begin to see why Banksy is the artist on everyone’s lips and also everyone’s walls. I don’t know what Banksy has in store for us around the corner but I am sure it will be spectacular and we will be begging for more.

Banksy Canvas:

Street and graffiti artist Banksy’s influence in Bristol and UK is not to be denied. His career began in Bristol during the 1980s as part of the aerosol boom which witnessed many street artists such as himself and others, along with musicians working on a series of projects. After some time, Banksy managed to develop a unique technique that combined graffiti writing and stenciling, a technique that is said to be popularized by Blek le Rat. With this trademark technique, he became more popular due to his ability to produce art at a faster pace.

As a result of the high prices of most of his work, Banksy’s canvas prints were soon introduced to the public who simply found signed art, original art, and other artwork along those lines unaffordable.

Canvas on sale

Banksy canvas is said to be high in demand, especially among collectors who are either new to art collecting or without large sums of money to throw around. The majority of Banksy canvas prints are moderately priced. This makes Banksy’s canvas very much accessible to everyone.

Anyone who looks at stores and websites selling these canvas prints would notice that they are usually sold out. From here, it is easy to tell that Banksy is in his own right, a class on its own.

To give all fans and collectors out there a general idea of the price tags of this Banksy art, it would cost anything between £15 to £39.90 depending on the quality of the canvas on sale. The quality, in return, largely depends on the printing method employed. For instance, Banksy canvas employing cheaper printing methods will be more susceptible to the fading of ink as well as cracks. Pricier canvas prints would be a better choice for those who desire to keep their favorite prints for a long time since it is durable and is not prone to cracking or fading of ink.

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Banksy Canvas Print and Art-

A few years ago, the name Banksy meant nothing. Now, however, he is a national and an international phenomenon, and his works have been sold for thousands of pounds in auctions all over the world. But you do not have to fork out extortionate amounts of money to see your best photos transformed into breathtaking canvas prints to liven up your home!

Affordable but very high quality-

A Banksy canvas is a totally unique and totally cool way of printing your photos. Just imagine that burst of color in the stylish urban design livening up the walls of your home – perfect for the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom… any free space! Many people underestimate the power of a sole Banksy canvas. Get one for yourself and witness its instant and dramatic visual impact. You really can rejuvenate a room with a Banksy canvas personalized with your photos and even with an original message to a loved one if given as a creative gift.

Fun Banksy canvas art-

Banksy canvas prints are characterized by color, energy, vivacity, and an important message.

These gifts are ones to cherish for life, not just for the special day.

Give your photos the Banksy effect-

Everyone loves a bit of Banksy because his style is so different. Affordable, high quality, and easily incorporated into any home environment, Banksy canvas is the answer to any gift-buying problems.

5 Most Expensive Banksy Art Pieces:

Banksy’s piece entitled “Picnic” was sold to American actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt for $226,000. The artwork depicts a white family enjoying a pleasant picnic while remaining oblivious to the small crowd of starving Africans encircling them.

Typical of Banksy’s trademark sarcastic political statements, this piece exemplifies much of what Banksy’s painting appears to be striving to communicate.

Due to the unconventional nature of Banksy’s artworks, the auctioning of his art often comes coupled with the auction of the house attached to it.

One of the more notable of these situations was the $400,000 sale of a property, in southwest England. The mural on the wall of the house provided, courtesy of Banksy, was worth most of the price of the entire sale.

Banksy painting-

The owners sold the home in 2007 through the Red Propeller art gallery. The owners were originally distressed that many of the prospective buyers would want to remove the mural so the sale to the art gallery was an all-around good movie; resulting in the preservation of the piece as well as a decent chunk of cash for the former owners.

He spent an additional $60,000 to remove the mural carefully, which is now worth as much as $600,000.

The Art of Banksy:

Banksy is an English Graffiti Artist, yet pseudo-anonymous. He is a native of Yate, near Bristol. He was born and brought up in Bristol, England in 1974. In the beginning, he started as a freehand artist of graffiti. As a beginner, he always used stencils. His first work that attracted the attention of many artists from Ohio and the UK was “Walls on Fire. ” By 2000, he decided to work with stencils because this art was less time-consuming than others were.

Graffiti writing-

Banksy’s identity will forever be unknown to the world. But his work is very prolific, witty, and subversive. This makes it not so easy to forget his paintings. This graffiti artist decorates walls, zoos, and bridges of cities and towns across the world. His artworks portray political, ethical, and cultural aspects of society, often reflecting irony.

Banksy’s stenciled graffiti have humorous and attractive images, and sometimes slogans as well. He always conveys a message through his images. They are usually pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-establishment or anti-capitalist related. The subjects of his graffiti are often rats, monkeys, the elderly, children, police officers, and soldiers. He also designs stickers and makes sculptors. He was also responsible for Blur’s 2003’s album ‘Think Tank’s cover art.

Banksy’s work has also been exhibited and bought by celebrities like Christina Aguilera. He has stenciled Mona Lisa in green with paint that dripped from her eyes. This material piece was sold for 57, 600 pounds. In the year 2007, Banksy made a new record by selling his work, ‘Spacegirl and bird’ for 288, 000 pounds.

Banksy New York

Banksy’s installment entitled New York Pet Shop, does not adhere to the traditional vision of a Banksy piece about a pet shop.

In fact, it is very far from a true pet shop, in the strictest sense.

Some people may even argue that this piece was not even art, because he actually opened up a shop, calling it the Village Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill.

The workers in the shop were not actually pet specialists, but rather, thespians that worked hard to construct the elaborate reality that was this false world.

There were no actual animals whatsoever, except for the leopard that had given his life for the sake of art. See, Banksy hung the fur of a leopard on a branch and placed it in a cage.

Banksy opened this shop with the same presentation method that he had with his other pieces of art; he simply let those who were intrigued enter without announcing his intentions publicly. Although Banksy started off doing street art, he is less known for his other works of art, like this one.

Banksy Art

There are many different reasons why people choose to create street art. For one thing, it’s an amazing way to reach people. As they walk by this artwork the message can often be heard loud and clear.

Banksy art takes this to the next level. He’s a British artist who tends to stay under the radar. That means a lot of his biographical details are guesses at best. Still, he is believed to have the last name Banks (though that’s recently disputed) and to have been born in 1974, raised in Bristol, England.

He likely started creating graffiti artwork on the streets of Bristol in the late 1980s. His work has a distinct flavor of satirical, and often beautiful, pieces that are created with a stenciling look. Once you get the chance to look at some of this work, it is hard to even peel your eyes away.

His career as a freehand graffiti artist began around 1992. He was one of the area’s ‘DryBreadZ Crew’. In 1998 he helped arrange an event for graffiti artists called the Walls on Fire Graffiti Jam. This really put him on the map as the guy to watch.


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