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Best SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site

Are you a digital marketer? And do you struggle to drive more traffic to your website? Well, you might be doing something wrong. However, this is not something that you should worry about much as there is a solution to this.

Working as an SEO specialist for a couple of years now, I have had the chance to help various companies bring organic traffic to their sites. These included the likes of a marketing staffing agency, some restaurants, and various clothing brands. Here are some tips I would like to share with you:

Focus on SEO Link Building

Focus on building and chasing links. However, remember to run after the quality and not quantity. No doubt that link building is one of the most sought-after activities by SEO personnel. But many of them forget that quality plays a crucial role as well. Link building happens through content. Therefore, you can say that content is the king here. Companies need to have blog posts through which they can perform the task of link building.

Having said so, you should also remember to keep refreshing your content. Because the most recent and fresh content will catch the eyes of the readers. So, the art of link building asks for more than just good communication skills. Many people wonder why is link building so important. Here is the answer. Links are like votes or appreciation for your website. This means that the more quality links, the more appreciation your website will receive from both Google and the visitors.

Bring Social Media to Use

Google will not rank you higher than the other websites unless your audience likes you as well. And for that to happen, you will have to make smart use of social media. Among the most famous ones include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The reason why social media platforms play a crucial part in making you more prominent is that these platforms know how to engage people. And when people interact more with your brand/company, Google likes that.

Here are a couple of tips that you should follow when activating your social media:

  • Being responsive is the key
  • Collaborate with prominent personalities including bloggers and influencers
  • Monitoring your online presence is essential

Blog Commenting

Some companies/brands shy away from blog commenting. When they shouldn’t. Because that is one of the many techniques that can drive traffic to your website. Many SEO specialists who hesitate from doing state that it gets categorized as a black hat practice. However, this is not the case. Blog commenting plays a vital role in improving your SERP rank and driving organic traffic to your website.

However, there is a way to go about blog commenting as well. And the right way to do so is in a manner that looks white hat.

Guest Posting

Just as blog commenting is still a trend, guest posting is also hot. However, you will have to convey the reasons for your brand to do so since the beginning of it. Because many times these posts can annoy the readers and they can mark them as spam. There are a couple of tricks that can help you to make it big using the guest posting trick includes being fair. Other than that, you should also give actionable relevant, and fresh info to the audience. Instead of providing them with the links to your website. As that does not look authentic.

Here are some of the many advantages that writing guest posts will have:

  • Building quality backlinks
  • Displaying professional conduct
  • Triggering organic traffic

However, remember to not overdo the guest posting ritual. From time to time posting will suffice. It is better than posting all the time.

Building Trust

Building trust amongst your followers and potential customers apart from the existing ones is crucial. Because trust is the key element that will earn you more customers. Thus, giving a signal to Google that people like you. And the guru will automatically rank you better on SERP. So, you see everything has a link to the other.

If you are wondering what would earn you the trust of the viewers, then it is transparency. NEVER try to deceive your followers, as it will backlash. Apart from that, show them that you care by posting useful content. If you succeed in doing so, you will see a considerable increase in the number of people that visit your website.

Apart from all these tricks, you should also focus on incorporating videos and images on your site and crafting an attractive brand image. I remember how a client provided some super attractive images for his website for the talent acquisition strategies section. Those images were an instant hit amongst the viewers. And I still show them to some clients to give them an example of what extraordinary looks like!

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