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Best Software For Making Tax Digital In 2023

The UK government launched the Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative to modernize and simplify the country’s tax administration system. MTD requires many businesses and taxpayers to maintain accounting records digitally and submit tax returns using MTD-compatible software.

MTD applies to many entities, including self-employed individuals, landlords, small and large businesses, partnerships, contractors, and more. The main goals of MTD are to make tax compliance more efficient and user-friendly and prompt more firms to switch from paper to digital record keeping. Under MTD, most businesses and taxpayers must keep digital financial records and file tax returns using MTD-compliant software.

The article reviews some software options that work with MTD to assist businesses and individuals in meeting the MTD requirements. MTD aims to streamline tax reporting obligations for companies and taxpayers. Digital records are simpler to maintain than paper records. MTD enables HMRC to process tax information faster and with fewer errors. MTD also encourages more businesses to adopt digital technologies like cloud accounting. MTD-compliant software and apps enhance the user experience for maintaining records and filing returns.

In summary, MTD is an initiative to digitize and improve the UK’s tax system. Many businesses and taxpayers must use MTD-compatible software for digital record-keeping and tax return submissions. The main goals are to simplify tax compliance, increase efficiency, promote digital adoption, and improve the user experience. The article outlines the details of MTD and its key benefits.

Who are the Users of Making Tax Digital?

Currently, the rules for Making Tax Digital apply to VAT-registered businesses with a taxable income of more than £85,000.

If your business is registered for VAT, but its VAT-taxable income is less than ┬ú85,000, you don’t have to use Making Tax Digital right now. This means you can choose whether to use MTD-compliant software to send in your VAT returns and keep digital financial records or whether you would rather keep paper records and send in your VAT returns by hand.

If your business still needs to be signed up for VAT, you don’t have to keep VAT records or send in VAT Returns. But it would be good to start thinking about this now because it will happen in the next few years.

What is HMRC Making Tax Digital software?

HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) software is a digital system introduced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the United Kingdom. The system requires eligible businesses and individuals to keep digital records of their tax affairs and submit their VAT returns electronically using MTD-compatible software.

MTD software is designed to enable businesses to keep track of their financial records digitally, which makes it easier to monitor and update records regularly. MTD-compatible software must be able to store records in a digital format and communicate with HMRCÔÇÖs systems via an Application Programming Interface (API).

Why are HMRC Making People Switch to Tax Digital Software?

There is currently no plan in place to develop a specialized MTD software or even a Making Tax Digital bridging program that may facilitate a smoother transfer to the new system. Despite this, there are a plethora of options to choose from, and every one of them provides the kind of user-friendliness that one anticipates from software designed in the present era. Although transitioning to digital on-demand could appear to be a highly stressful choice at first, you will eventually find that it is actually the best option.

The Benefits of Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital is an initiative that backs the ambitions of HMRC to digitalize the tax system. It will: 

  • Make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their taxes straight;┬á
  • Mean that customers may link tax administration with a variety of business activities through software
  • Through promoting digitalization, you may help organizations achieve greater overall productivity improvements.

It will assist in reducing the amount of tax money that is lost due to avoidable errors due to the following factors:

  • Increased precision of digital records
  • More assistance is incorporated into many software products┬á
  • Digital records being transmitted straight to HMRC enhanced the correctness of digital records

HMRC Making Tax Digital compatible software

Here are some recommendations for a good program for “Making Tax Digital”? You can search for software providers making Tax Digital-compatible on the gov. UK website, but in the meantime, we’ll run you through a quick rundown of some of the year 2021’s finest options.


Regarding accounting software, many people in the UK choose Xero. It may assist with tax returns, payroll, spending, invoices, reminders, project management, and other tasks. It’s a fantastic option for Making Tax Digital software and a useful resource for running your business.


When looking for a software supplier for Making Tax Digital, many people turn to QuickBooks. Freelancers and startups will find it very useful. It’s simple to use, so keeping track of your taxes, wages, invoicing, and outgoing costs is a breeze. Though most small businesses won’t be affected by QuickBooks’ user limit, there are limitations on how many people can access the software simultaneously. QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting facilitates increased teamwork and eliminates the need for IT upkeep. QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud services donÔÇÖt require a hefty initial investment.

Sage Business

It’s a foregone conclusion that Sage will be your Making Tax Digital VAT software of choice due to the company’s ubiquitous presence in the accounting world. Using Sage, you can manage your finances, take care of your taxes, send and monitor invoices, photograph and record receipts, plan for cash flow, and more.

Note: QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for companies looking towards incorporating 

Zoho Books

Zoho Books, compatible with Making Tax Digital, is a simple choice for small businesses. The software has a clean and user-friendly interface. It can assist with value-added tax, end-to-end accounting, timesheets, and inventory, and it has several useful app consolidations.

Free Compatible Accounting Software Suitable for Making Tax Digital 

The Making Tax Digital can be completed with the help of free software options for companies and sole proprietors who want to expand their operations without incurring extra costs. However, these free versions have certain limitations in terms of functionality.


Wave is a dependable tool for accounting and tracking expenses, but it lacks payroll processing features and requires a separate MTD bridge application. Users must use a separate payroll software or service if they need payroll processing capabilities.


Quickfile provides a stronger foundation for Making Tax Digital with features such as VAT administration, multi-currency support, and banking automation. However, it comes with advertisements that may not be suitable for some users.

It’s important to consider the software’s capabilities and limitations carefully before selecting a free option for Making Tax Digital.


When you use MTD software, one of the perks is that they will take care of your taxes, which will free up more time for you to focus on increasing productivity and profitability in your business. You have your choice from several different software suppliers for MTD; all you need to do is determine what features are most important to you, then evaluate those features concerning your financial constraints.


Will HMRC provide free software for Making Tax Digital?

No, HMRC will not provide free software for MTD. However, they have published a list of software providers who have developed MTD-compatible software, some of which are free for use by small businesses with simple tax affairs.

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