Common iPhone Repair Problems and Their Fixes

Finding a trusted iPhone repair service is not something most people think about before purchasing Apple’s offering. Why should they? iPhones are known for being buttery smooth and made from premium materials to make them stand out from the crowd. However, even the latest iPhone is not immune to some of the common issues that we encounter in most phones.

If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone or already own it, this list of common iPhone problems and their fixes can be helpful. iPhones, just like any other smartphone, can conjure several issues out of the blue. While a cracked screen or a non-working charging port will have you find a repair centre near you, not every issue requires a professional’s help. Here are some of the most common iPhone issues users face and how you can get them fixed.

Poor Battery Backup

iPhones, especially iPhone SE have a very small battery as compared to today’s standards. However, it doesn’t mean that your device should turn off just after a couple of hours of usage. If you are experiencing terrible battery backup from your device then you should first check how much battery capacity is still left. Also, If it’s below 80%, you should consider replacing the battery or the phone. And, If the maximum capacity is above 80% but still dies quickly, keep a watch on the apps working in the background. A lot of apps consume battery even when the phone is not being used and is one of the biggest reasons for a poor battery backup.

Connectivity Problems

Inability to connect to WiFi or still not being able to access the internet even after connecting to WiFi is another common problem that several users have faced. It happens with the cellular network as well where the iPhone suddenly stops showing any network connection or users are unable to place a call even with full signal strength.

If you have also faced such an issue, the first thing you’d want to do is disable and enable flight mode to see if this fixes the issue. Next, you should try to restart your device as this can happen due to random glitches and bugs in the iPhone. A simple restart tends to fix this problem right away.

iPhone Not Charging

A number of users have complained about being unable to charge their iPhones even after changing the charging cable and adapter. This issue can sometimes occur if the charging port in your iPhone is filled with dirt and debris. This can prevent a good connection which would lead to your phone not getting charged. If the phone doesn’t charge even after cleaning the port, it must be hardware damage and you should take the device to a nearby Apple store to get it diagnosed by a professional.

Sudden App Freezing or Crashing

Apps freezing and not responding is something that everyone faces once while using their phone. It is not limited to just iPhones as well. This can be a frustrating occurrence, especially if you are doing something important and the app freezes in between forcing you to either wait for it to respond again or close the app and start from the beginning.

One of the biggest reasons for this issue is outdated apps and software. Keeping your apps updated to their latest versions will automatically solve a number of issues and make them optimized. If a certain app is crashing even after updating, you can clear its cache and save data.

iPhone Performing Slowly

iPhones are known for their blazing fast and exceptional optimization of memory. If you think your phone is getting slightly slow and is taking more time than usual in doing even the most common tasks then it is not performing as well as it should.

Sluggish performance most often gets attributed to the number of apps you have installed on your phone and you are using the phone as well. Keeping multiple apps running in the background even if you are not using them makes your phone slow. Unwanted images, videos, screenshots, and other files also take a lot of space making the phone slow to process and respond. Keep your phone free of such anchors and update it to the latest available update to improve its performance.

Screen Issues

The screen is the most important part of any phone. Most of the iPhone repair cases are related to its screen only. Users complain of the touchscreen not responding sometimes or at a certain spot. The screen also gets stuck sometimes and can show a black screen disabling anything from happening.

A simple restart tends to solve this issue instantly. However, if there is a hardware issue like a cracked screen or the display not working properly then you might want to bring it to an Apple store for an expert review. Sometimes, dirt and debris can snuck under the screen causing these issues as well.

Stuck Physical Buttons

If nothing happens when you try to increase or decrease the volume or the power is not working and you can’t lock or unlock your device using it, then it must be a hardware issue. While iPhones provides options where you’d never have to use the button for a function, it’s good to get it diagnosed in a repair centre and get it fixed. The physical buttons are an important part of the iPhone and not being able to use them can be a big disadvantage.

Wrapping Up

iPhone repair can be a frustrating yet important ordeal. Smartphones are not perfect machines and are prone to software issues or hardware damages. While you can fix most of the common issues by yourself, it is better to consult a trusted repair centre like Rapid Repair for any hardware related issues. They are experts in repairing Apple devices and use only genuine parts in case of any replacement. They also provide home pickup and drop so that you never have to leave your house as well.

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