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Elevate your business with a fully-featured Instacart Clone app

Instacart clone app development

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for delivery apps has surged to a greater extent. Before the pandemic, grocery delivery was an underrated business concept. Whereas now, the online grocery segment has become the flourishing sector as buying groceries online is what people prefer nowadays. Kudos to the technology advancements as it is helpful during the crisis. Hence, the on-demand grocery delivery apps won the hearts of many people at this time. 

 Despite this, working professionals find it easier to get their ordered groceries to their doorsteps. With a few swaps, people can order groceries online. Undoubtedly, the global pandemic brought opportunities to transform a traditional grocery business into an online grocery business. Hence, the Instacart Clone app enables grocery businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to get into the booming online grocery segment. Let’s see how to modernize the on-demand grocery delivery service app with new features.

Features that allure customers to place their order using the Instacart Clone app (during pandemic situations)

Contactless delivery : Customers can opt for contactless delivery, which enables them to get their ordered groceries to be delivered without human intervention. This is one efficient way to boost trust in the customers as this feature ensures their safety. 

Safety badge : Grocery stores have to follow the Covid-19 safety guidelines or protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus. With this feature, customers can determine whether it is safe to order from a particular grocery store. 

Quick delivery : Customers can opt for same-day delivery and even prefer to choose the “Fast & Flexible” option. Incorporating this feature helps to increase grocery orders. They can see the estimated delivery range via push notifications. Also, they can check the delivery status, which includes the information if the order is packed, out for delivery, and delivered. 

Single store/multiple store grocery deliveries : Customers have the option to order groceries from a single grocery store or multiple stores. And, all the ordered groceries will be delivered on the scheduled date. Choosing Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) will make your business stand apart from your competition. One such feature is Multiple store delivery, in which customers can order from different stores and get those to be delivered on the same day or specified date.

This feature is useful in all situations as there is no need to visit more grocery stores for buying groceries. Using an app integrated with this feature, it is now their choice to get their needs delivered to their doorstep by ordering from multiple stores. 

What are the chief differentiating features to consider during Instacart Clone app development?

As many big players exist in the on-demand grocery market, differentiating from them will help stand apart from the competition. The following are the new features you could consider during Instacart Clone app development.  

Voice instruction : This feature lets the customers give voice note instructions to the delivery person. This will be helpful for the delivery person and so he will reach the customer’s location faster without any hassles. 

Order status in graphical form : Customers can follow up on the order status in real-time. The app will display the order status in graphical form. 

Cancellation : It is quite common to have the cancellation feature for customers in the on-demand apps. Likewise, you can allow the delivery person to reject the delivery request under unfavorable situations. In such a case, the delivery request will be passed on to the other nearby delivery person to fulfill the customer’s order.

Set store wise fee  : As a business owner, you can set different commission fees for every store that has registered in the app. You can charge a high commission rate from the grocery store which has taken more orders and charge a lesser amount from the store that has taken fewer orders. This way, you can generate more revenue.

Upload necessary documents : This is for customers who want to buy alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, or liquor brands. They have to prove that their age is above 18 by uploading the necessary documents.

Develop an on-demand grocery delivery app like Instacart

Before you get into developing a similar app like Instacart, you have to consider the following aspects.

Market study : First, you have to perform proper market research. It includes determining the target audience and knowing their expectations and demands. Also, knowing the competitors’ strategies is helpful to come up with a successful plan to enhance your business. Adapting to the recent market trends is essential to sustain in the market. 

Revenue model : The next thing is to choose the revenue models to monetize your app. Implementing multiple revenue streams helps to gain a considerable amount from your business. A few of the popular revenue models you could consider are commission fee, delivery fee, membership fee, and markup fee. 

Feature-set integration : It is the important stage in which you have to decide which features to include in your on-demand grocery app. A list of the basic features to integrate is mentioned below. 

Features of Customer app

  • Registration 
  • Search
  • Schedule delivery
  • Delivery tracking
  • Order history 

Features of delivery person app

  • In-app navigation
  • Accept/reject request
  • Customer support
  • Delivery confirmation

Features of admin panel

  • Dashboard
  • Manage payments
  • Inventory management
  • Manage customers

Despite adding general features, including special features mentioned in this blog will help you make your app user-friendly.

App development company :

Most importantly, choosing the right partner for Instacart Clone app development is a necessity.  Instacart Clone Script is a tailor-made on-demand grocery delivery app solution that empowers you to establish your business within a few weeks. It is quite possible to make necessary changes by adding new features or deleting existing features as it is a customizable solution. Opting for the clone script is budget-friendly and does not require much time for development.  On the other hand, you can prefer to develop the grocery app from scratch. But, it is a little more expensive than the clone script. With this, an app will be designed and developed right from the beginning. In comparison, most entrepreneurs choose to prefer the clone script due to various benefits. It is your wish to opt for the one approach depending on your resources availability, time limit, budget, etc.

Is launching an Instacart Clone app a wise choice?

 The online grocery delivery market’s net worth is forecasted to reach $631.84 billion, with a rise at an annual growth rate of 29% during 2020 – 2024. This itself is proof that launching the Instacart Clone app is the best choice as there is a high chance of generating huge revenue. 

Summing up

 Once you are ready with your business idea, partner with a suitable app development company and get your grocery delivery app designed & developed. After that, launch it on the platform (Android, iOS, or web) depending on the audience you would like to target.  As mentioned above, the online grocery segment is booming and will continue to flourish in the coming years. So, why wait? Leverage this golden opportunity to uplift your grocery business with the Instacart Clone app packed with exciting & user-friendly features.

This will be the only effective and efficient way to sustain in the booming market and compete with your rivals now and then.

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