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Famous Apps Built With React Native App Development

Technologies exist to make our lives easier and to simplify and augment our lives. A recent Technology has taken over the world in the areas of the smartphone app development market. This technology is react-native and has been helping app developers and designers create awesome apps around the world. So let us see, 10 Famous Apps Built With React Native that is helping us with daily tasks in our lives.


Famous Apps Built With React Native


  • Facebook:

The most known popular social media networking sites that exist today. 90% of the use app developers end users Around The World use Facebook through its mobile application. Using react native Facebook try to launch a cross-platform app that was seamless and could execute on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Even though they wanted a cross-platform app the initial prototype of slow and buggy, so there set their Minds together in developing a framework that would help them create an app of cross-platform nature. This is how react native was born. React-native aims to be the pivotal Technology behind the Facebook app of smartphone devices. With over 5 billion downloads Google Play and ranks Facebook as the number one social media app in the Apple App store as well as the Google Play Store.


  • Instagram:

Around the same period, when Facebook was released, Instagram also released their first version of the mobile app. When in the first day itself Instagram registered around 25000 users and by a week’s completion, they had already surpassed 100000 downloads. When Facebook bought Instagram the mobile application of Instagram had around 27 million users worldwide. Due to react-native the Instagram App shares around 97% of the same code base with that of its iOS version. Most of the features and functions that Instagram uses had been possible due to the react-native implementation and architecture.


  • Skype:

When the case is about video calling and chatting options, how can we forget Skype. even though the desktop version of Skype is made using electron, the mobile version of Skype is developed using react-native. Microsoft has created a bridge by tweaking react-native and helping developers tweak a mobile application according to their requirements. The iOS and Android versions of skype Share around 87 and 97% of the same code between these versions. Microsoft has made it possible by building a thin layer or Framework between react native which is called as react XP and this is the Framework that is mainly used to develop Skype for the mobile application.


  • Uber Eats:

Uber eats was launched in 2014 and the Supplementary business which would bring the side revenue for over food venture and food delivery business. Today Uber eats has been able to operate in more than 6000 cities in about 50 different countries. Uber eats is a reliable and dependable delivery partner in countries like United States, United Kingdom, and Russia.

Application developed by Uber for Uber eats tool uses react, therefore it is impeccable for the mobile application to be developed using react-native. Another reason for using react native is that it worked well with native Technologies which use JavaScript as its coding base.


  • Walmart:

Walmart has launched about 15 years ago with the simple idea of selling more for less. It was a traditional discount store Operating in the US. Now Walmart has about 11500 stores worldwide and operates in 27 different countries

The first version of the mobile application was developed as a native app in 2011. However, Walmart wanted to go global and incorporate cross platform app benefits in their native app development. React Native was an obvious choice for them to use. Walmart now provides a facility of mobile application development using react native for their customers.


  • Pinterest:

Pinterest was founded back in 2010, and was able to immediately capture the market attention. If you find billboards idea of sticking pictures and sharing with your friends then Pinterest is the way to go. Pinterest already was using react for their web application. Then they started using react native for the mobile application development. React native ability for code sharing has helped Pinterest to become what it is today.


  • Bloomberg:

When the question is about providing data-driven cross-platform information company, Bloomberg comes into mind. Bloomberg is the world’s renowned financial business software provider analytics company for providing news as well as insights. It is used react native for the creation of its mobile app which was launched in 2016. Bloomberg said that it help Speed the development efforts through the use of react-native by nearly halving the time it took to develop react native app for its users. Bloomberg states stats if react native app works wonderfully with native mobile and web technologies. It also provides responsiveness and performance as expected by users.


  • SoundCloud Pulse:

Soundcloud wanted to develop a mobile app for its uses thereby giving them their ability to upload forms and musicals files to be hosted on the cloud. The engineers at SoundCloud decided to give react-native a try looking at the popularity Facebook and Instagram had with the success and launch of react-native. React native enables SoundCloud to not only provide its valuable services to users but also be a dedicated platform to host music for free. Using react native SoundCloud was able to achieve cross platform app capabilities in the most easiest and efficient way possible.


  • Discord:

If you are into gaming and streaming then you must give discord a try. Discord is the most popular social networking and streaming app available on the app store. It ranks fourth in number compared to other competitive social media and networking apps available on App Store and the Play Store. Using react native discord was able to speed and flexibility in its app and provide it to users.

  • Wix:

If you want to create an online store are you want to create a website for free, then Wix is the go-to platform for you. Wix was able to come up with its web application that shares around 95% of its code using react-native. Wix ranks 25th position in the productivity apps on the play store and the app store. It has been downloaded about 5 million times.

Conclusion: So this is the list of the popular apps created using react-native. If you are looking to build your next app in react native then you can Hire React Native Developer. Hope you like this article on 10 Famous Apps Built With React Native. 

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