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Features and benefits of opening roofs

The patio is the favourite part of the house for people who love outdoor living and entertaining. It is a perfect balance between indoors and outdoors. Features like opening roofs enhance the appeal of a patio, provide good sun shading and ventilation and allow light to reach the place. The roof enables people to control the sun, light and shade of the area and helps create an outdoor room in houses that need extra space. Families can sit down, relax and enjoy more time doing outdoor activities throughout the year regardless of the season. The roof provides complete protection and eliminates worrying about the weather ruining outdoor activities.

The opening roof is also known as a louvred roof. It has a series of horizontal blades that open and close entirely or at an angle to allow the right amount of light and air and protect the place from sun and rain. It helps to convert the patios into extra living areas. It gives a sleek, modern and stylish look to the home. The louvres come in various sizes and are made of wood, glass and metal.


Louvre blade features

In most places, the shape of the louvre blade is rectangular because they create a flat surface when closed. Aerofoil shape is used when a rippled look is needed. When selecting a blade span, wind and snow loadings need to be considered.

The surface of the blade is powder coated or anodised. Powder coating enables people to choose colours outside the standard range. However, anodising has more life than powder coating.

The louvre blades can be operated manually or electrically by touching buttons. Electrically operated roofs can also have sensors that make the top close when it starts to rain.


Design options for an opening roof

Flat roof

Pitched roof

A pitched roof with solid flat roof sections on both sides

A flat roof with solid flat louvred roof sections on both sides

Multiple flat louvred roofs with drainage

Reasons to install an opening roof.


Protection from sun and rain

This feature protects the area from sun and rain and allows people to control the amount of sunlight entering the place. On hot days people can adjust them for maximum shade, and on cloudy days they can be opened up to allow more light.

Energy efficient

The unique design of the opening roofs provides thermal insulation. In winter, the louvres are opened to allow more sunlight which warms up the place, and in summer, they are closed to keep the area cool. It eases the work of the heating and cooling system and helps to stay energy efficient.

Versatile design

The opening roof suits small and large areas, and there is no restriction on the size of the place. There are different types of louvres like fully sliding or partly sliding roofs, and they can fit in with any kind of architecture. They are installed as per customer requirements and the seasons. The louvre roofs are motorised or hand adjustable, and some types cater to the needs of high wind zones.

Eco friendly

The roofs require very little energy to operate and cut down the heating and air conditioning costs. Mostly these are made of recyclable material, and they are easily replaced if necessary. They do not cause any health hazards or damage to the environment.

Opening roofs enable people to take advantage of sunlight and ventilation and control outdoor roofs. The outdoor area becomes an extended area of the house and is used for a party. It is compatible with all types of buildings and enhances the appearance of the place.

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