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How to Conduct Online Test Series for Your Training Course

The Online examination software is an online assessment tool designed to make students of educational institutions more prepared and competent for competitive exams conducted across the country. With the help of this effective tool, you can not only improve your knowledge and confidence in hands-on and real exams, but also take practice exams.

Now a days with online examination there are many software available like school management software and online teaching software .By enrolling in an online exam series, students have access to thousands of exam questions prepared by professional faculty covering a variety of topics related to competitive exams.

Advantages of the online test series


Advantages of the online test series

Easy configuration

No software or hardware is required because it can be accessed from any browser and does not require a separate server. The online test series is interactive, and the user interface and design are similar to real tests. The assigned examiner can conveniently create multiple exams to be taken at the question bank. In addition, the examiner can define and analyze the level of difficulty and subjective problems.


With a scalable testing and evaluation platform, hundreds of test questions are continuously created and evaluated, giving you a random set of questions.

This is a safe way to avoid taking the exam. Additionally, the questions generated through automated techniques used to identify promising QA threads resemble real-world questions that students encounter on real tests.

Instant results and analysis

At the end of the test, students can immediately see how well they have performed. Both examiners and students can compare and analyze scores, including AIR, percentiles, and performance by section. The student can then evaluate her performance and monitor her own progress.

 Candidate can receive strong/weak area analysis

Based on the answers provided by the candidate and the scores obtained, the candidate is taken to an analysis page that shows the subjects or topics they are good at and the topics that need improvement.


Online test series are flexible, so the cost per candidate is lower than paper tests. Also, in terms of logistics, it is relatively small, since multiple students can take the online exam at the same time.

1. Determine a question bank, a database of questions covering a variety of topics. The manager or examiner maker will have a list of subjective or objective questions that candidates will answer during the exam. Later, when you upload your question bank to a secure online exam platform, questions are randomly selected and sorted during the exam to prevent copying between candidates.

2. Define a test pattern that shows the test structure that indicates the total number of questions in each section to be answered by the candidate and the type of test to be answered. The type of question is a combination of subjective and objective questions that can test different abilities such as English, reasoning skills and quantitative aptitude.

3. Set up a test series using an online test platform and an Internet-enabled PC. In this way, authorized staff and candidates can access the exam without any software or hardware. Online testing platforms must have reliable technical security to keep your information safe.

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