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How You Can Maximize Space In A Small House

Among the popular trends in the past few years or so, and it is something that you might have seen in HGTV, is the tiny house movement.

I was intrigued back then because I am practicing a minimalist lifestyle, and the idea of having everything organized and within your reach anytime you need them is surely a prospect I want to try out.

But as small as they are, the cost of building one is relatively expensive, and it requires a huge lifestyle change, which is something I am not yet ready to delve into.

However, the closest thing I was able to manage is a small house in the suburb area of the city.

Whether you’re living in a small house by choice or temporarily residing in them because of financial issues, I’m sure you will find today’s article very informative.

As we all know, a common problem in a tiny home is space. Therefore, in this article, I will be sharing with you how you can maximize space in a small house and optimize specific areas to help you manage your things.

I’m excited about today’s topic, so without further delays, let’s begin…


Floor plan

First and foremost, you need to create a floor plan.

Since you don’t have enough space to work on, you need to really have to specifically plan the layout of your home.

You need to plan for the purpose you have in mind for each space.

And after you have planned the floor space, you can now effectively select which furniture and accessories are well-suited to your small house.


Use bright colors

Opting for bright colors to paint your walls gives the illusion that your area is spacious. Also, allowing light to come in enhances this objective.

If you’re comfortable, then I suggest using white as your primary wall color. They are a neutral color that allows you to mix and match furniture and fixture freely and makes the items in the room stand out.


Have fun with Lucite

In case Lucite is new terminology to you, it basically refers to transparent items that are made of a solid plastic called polymethyl methacrylate.

And yes, they are great for any homes with tiny spaces because of their apparent transparency.

They are also ideal for the white-painted wall because it enhances that appearance of spaciousness of the area. In addition, it promotes more light and airflow.


Opt for full-sized furniture

From the title of the subtopic, you might ask, if we’re aiming for optimizing space, then why to choose large furniture.

Well, the truth is that full-sized furniture promotes more space than you think.

Imagine it this way—you can save more space in a large piece of furniture where you can put more items in it than having smaller furniture scattered around the room. It makes sense, right?


Optimize all surface spaces in your home

The key point in the question of how you can maximize space in a small house is organization.

If you have limited spaces in your home, the best way to improve your floor space is by maximizing every corner, including your windowsill.

Using them enables you to no longer need an extra table.

And to make your area aesthetically pleasing even if there’s limited space, then consider placing curtains on some specific points to enhance the color of your walls and its surrounding.

And if you’re looking for the best online curtain shop, then look no further. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers a wide selection of quality fabrics and upholstery that will certainly suit your preferences.


Use colors to label

We’ve mentioned using bright colors earlier to create a perception of spaciousness. However, having one or a few selected colors can be a little boring if you think about it.

To make the designing process fun and create a positive vibe in your home, you can paint each wall of the room differently. But make sure that each of them complements so it wouldn’t appear messy and unpleasing to the eye.

A home with a consistent color theme is aesthetically attractive and induces a feeling of serenity.



If you’re a fan of art but have limited space in your home, does it mean that you have to compromise your hobby?

Well, the answer is no. You can still maintain your love of art by making some of your paintings just above eye level.

And just like using bright lights to make a spacious area, the purpose here is the same. We make the canvas at eye level to create an illusion that the area has enough space.


Multi-purpose furniture

As you begin searching for furniture and fixture for your home, you can opt for those that have multi-purpose uses.

What this means is that you choose furniture that has much storage that you can use for organizing your stuff.


Mount your TV

To save more space, you can do so by mounting your television instead of using a TV stand.

If possible, and if you have the budget, you can create a shallow hollow on your wall the perfectly fits your TV.

By doing so, you not only save precious time, but you also make it easier for you to clean in the living room where the TV is situated.


Take advantage of mirrors

Again, it creates an illusion that your space has a little more roomy if you place them in a specific area in your home.

And the good thing about mirrors is that most of them are very affordable, and they won’t take much space.

So, in addition to painting your walls with bright colors and using your art paintings, then you may also add mirrors into the mix.



Wall Desk

I know you heard of shelves that are mounted on your walls. But have you heard of a wall desk? If you watch HGTV regularly, then I know you do.

Mounting your desk on your wall offers a lot of functionality and practicality. Aside from saving you tons of space, you can also easily put them away as well.

All you need is a wood plank and a few screws, level, nail gun, jigsaw, and caulk.

Final thoughts

I hope today’s topic has provided you sufficient information on how you can maximize space in a small house.

Living in a home with a tiny space could be a challenge because of the limitation it possesses, but it is definitely rewarding as well if you are able to manage, plan ahead and organize your stuff.

Again, the secret here is organization.

So yes, I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds here!

Thank you for the time, and I do hope to see you next time!


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