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IELTS Writing Task

What is the Numerous Calculation Criterion?

IELTS writing task is easy but, it can be quite complicate if you are watching for various approaches to boost your score from Band 5 to Band 7+. IELTS exam has 9 bands are 0-9. Most of the times, aspirants refer to casual study resources and create more complicate to understand for themselves. If you want to grasp perfect and accurate knowledge about IELTS, you can refer to overseas education consultants.

IELTS writing task 1 can be done easily if you choose the option wisely. But specifically, if we move towards IELTS Writing Task 2, then, it clutches huge importance and making some common mistakes which are avoidable but you should not avoid them. Because, if you will avoid the mistakes then, it will lose your band score.

Here, I am going to discuss all the easy tips to get high score in IELTS writing task 2.

IELTS Writing Exam has two tasks: IELTS Writing Task 1 and IELTS Writing Task 2.

IELTS Writing Task 1– Task 1 contain describing image. It judges the aspirants by their skill to describe facts/figures presented in charts, graphs, letters, or tables.

IELTS Writing Task 2– Essay Writing- It tests aspirants on their ability to write on a given topic in a partial-formal or impartial style.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Assessment Criteria

The estimation for both the tasks depends on the following specific criteria that an assessor evaluates your paper on, which are as follows:

  • Task Answer
  • Consistency & Unity
  • Verbal Resource
  • Linguistic Range & Correctness

Task Answer

The answer to the task assesses the candidate on the basis of his / her understanding and ability to respond to the given task. Successful completion of these evaluation criteria will require you to cover every aspect of the question asked and not miss any part of it. Its requirements include the coverage of some general information included in the preamble, and you should also state your point of view.

In addition, in order to confirm your point, you must provide sufficient information on the given topic. This data should be covered in the second and third sections. Try to add examples or illustrations that support your claim and, if asked, provide little information about “if you don’t agree with the question”.

Most significant, do not avoid to include all the sub-points declared in the question, or else, this will deduct your marks.

The tone of speech in IELTS Writing Task 2 can be both casual and professional, while maintaining good English grammar and vocabulary.

For illustration, if the question asks for the candidate’s opinion, then he/she should give it, without unwillingness.

To accomplish this, you must follow some point:

  • Take some time to read all the commands given carefully.
  • Provision general declarations with indication leading to a logical assumption.
  • Take some time in thinking about the flow and construction of your essay.

Consistency & Unity

For a better assessment of coherence and coherence, you need to learn the skills of creating a reasonable flow between two paragraphs and arranging the flow of your ideas accordingly. The information should be very pure and intelligible. The progress of your idea should be clear throughout the post.

Must Read –

  • It will be ore impactful if you give the clear central topic or idea in each and every paragraph.
  • The paragraphs should be well-defined for the invigilator to recognize.
  • Avoid severance or the replication of the same ideas during your complete answers.
  • Hand lettering in IELTS.

Verbal Resource

An oral source is nothing but your dictionary. This section checks your vocabulary, language, command according to lexical features, word choice and clarity. Make sure you use 2 different sentence types in IELTS Writing Task. The supervisor should determine that you are also comfortable with complex sentences.

To top this section, the aspirants should use a good language.

Candidates must validate great control of verbal structures.

Work on pleasing to the eye on your vocabulary. For example, “Instead of ‘good’, you can use ‘extraordinary’.”

  • Use recitation words to highlight the data that is dynamic.
  • Ignore spelling mistakes and sentence-formation errors.
  • Avoid recurrence of the same words from your terminology all over.
  • Use substitutes, or well plan what words you aim to use right from the start.
  • After the completion, take some time to check your answers to ignore recurrences.

Linguistic Range & Correctness

These IELTS Writing Task 2 assessment criteria assess your ability to use and understand English grammar. In order for you to work well, you need to have accurate precision with punctuation marks and the flexibility of a particular structure. The more complex phrases are used, the higher the chances of getting high scores.

Make sure it’s something that comes up often! But remember not to try to fill it. Be natural when writing your sentences. If you don’t have enough experience on these skills, then get a little help from our expert teachers who can offer quality correction every time!

Here are some advices:

  • The aspirants should use a huge range of sentence structures.
  • Ignore mistakes and unsuitable procedure.
  • Don’t obligate mistakes within your sentences.
  • Take care of your syntax and punctuation.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 is of great importance in the test. This is not an impossible task; you just need the right experience! If you want to validate and edit your documents, you can use the editing services and download the Writing IELTS Application.

With a wide collection of sample question and typical answers, you can improve your writing skills, and can also take the advantage of IELTS writing correction facilities.

IELTS Writing App is a free and self-research leader that increases your skills completely and upgrades your presentation to achieve the wanted score in the test.

If you need any other help or have a query, do reach out to us at overseas education consultants.

We are always here to help you! Best Wishes!


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