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Is A2 Milk Good For Lactose Intolerant People?

There have been various notions about the fact whether the A2 Milk is good for lactose intolerant people or not? Before probing the matter further, let’s understand what is A2 Milk and what’s the difference between A1 & A2 milk.

Milk is one the biggest sources of protein. Casein protein constitutes 80% of the total protein content in milk. These proteins are further divided into two types of proteins- A1 and A2 Beta-Casein protein and the milk containing A2 Beta-casein protein is known as A2 type of milk. The A2 Milk has high level of Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in cleansing cholesterol deposited in blood vessels. Regular consumption increases immunity and saves the body from external harmful radiation.

Is A2 Milk Good For Lactose Intolerant People?

Theories reveal that the A1 beta-casein protein causes bloating and stomach discomfort however there is no strong research in support of this theory. In fact, even A2 Milk contains A2 beta-casein protein and whey protein. If anybody with dairy allergy consumed these proteins, it can lead to allergic reaction in the body. Sometimes, reactions can be serious and fatal. None of the A2 milk companies have yet claimed that their milk is safe for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. Additionally, the A2 milk contains lactose sugars and since a large percentage of the world’s population cannot digest these sugars it leads to uncomfortable allergic symptoms.

Neither A1 nor A2 milk is the answer to lactose intolerant people. In fact, to make milk easily digestible for them, the milk producers added lactase enzyme missing in the regular milk. This enzyme breaks down the lactose so that the whole intact sugars aren’t absorbed by the body causing bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

However, A2 Milk has many other health benefits. The regular consumption of A2 milk increases HDL (i.e. good cholesterol) in body which keeps heart in a healthy condition. One of the biggest benefits of A2 milk is that it is Anti-toxin in nature. It’s a miraculous cure of the poison developed by harmful toxins in the body by enhancing the resistance power and maintaining excellent health and immune system to fight against diseases. DesiMoo, a Gurgaon based online milk Delivery Company delivers A2 Cow Milk right at Your Doorstop. The company maintains an end to end green cycle from production to delivery. The milk is completely untouched by hands and delivered in sanitized eco-friendly glass bottles.

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