Key Aftermarket Parts to Take Your Car Performance Up a Notch

Cars are a lot like blank canvases.

Like an artist who fills a canvas with his choicest range of colors, you too can modify your ordinary vehicle to a mean machine. However, it is important to determine the key parts for auto-performance cars in Irvine to ensure the best bang for your buck. After all, you don’t want to be a happy-to-spend fool settling upon performance parts that don’t add any value to your vehicle.

Well, then what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started!

The Tires

Undeniably, tires are considered to be one of the most riveting upgrades for your car.

It’s only obvious, how tires are the only component of a car that makes physical contact with the road.

Hence, upgrading your tires can bring about a significant difference, especially the way one handles the car, steers it around, and covers braking distances.

While most people tend to ignore this when considering auto performance cars in Irvine, it is recommended that you invest in two sets of tires; for summer and winter.

Also, when doing so, ensure that each set of tires are lined with high-quality rubber compounds, further regulated to deal with a specific temperature range.

The Wheels

If you are an automobile enthusiast, you should already know how chrome wheels, although a classic choice, render difficulty in cleaning and maintenance. Thus, when considering an upgrade to boost auto performance cars in Irvine, it is advised to invest in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) chrome wheels. Not only do PVD wheels exhibit great shine and gloss, but they are also comparatively easier to clean and maintain.

Moreover, any standard quality chrome plated wheel cant do justice where road salt is put to use in colder climates. In comparison, PVD chrome wheels are immune to road salts and it takes only water and soap to clean them thoroughly. Moreover, PVD chrome wheels come with extended warranties, more so, than standard quality chrome wheels which adds to the buying delights for any automobile owner.


Suspensions have a greater hand at play when considering an upgrade to take your car performance up a notch. When choosing to upgrade the suspension system of a car, it is required that you make a careful consideration, as it invariably affects drive comfort and overall vehicle handling. It’s a whole lot of components to consider–bushings, alignment, anti-roll bars, and more. Together, these components make way to shape up a car’s suspension system.

The rule is pretty simple.

A stiff suspension system allows for more quick movement of your vehicle and vice versa. The usual trend is to replace your stock suspension systems with a high-quality offering, and also add lowering springs alongside sway bars. You should always shop for suspension components according to your vehicle to avoid any detrimental effect on your car engine and overall performance.


When considering an upgrade for , it is quite common to overlook the significance of brakes. This is a mistake, as brakes are by far, one of the most vital components of your vehicle. Ask any seasoned driver, and he will tell you why upgrading brakes is necessary to affect overall car performance.

When you use high-performance brakes, it makes way for shorter distances as you stop the car. In other words, it accounts for greater safety when one has to pull over all of a sudden. Similar to the suspension, your car’s braking system also relies on quite a few components. Thus, upgrading the same can boost the stopping power of your car like never before. You might want to start with upgrading the brake pads along with the rotors. If you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, you can go for a premium rotor and pad kit as well.

Quick-Ratio Steering Racks

Well, this particular upgrade might not be available for every make or model. However, it is certainly a key consideration. Simply put, a quick-ratio steering rack is one that functions to turn your wheels a tad bit faster.

Although it is not available for every car model out there, it is advised to check with several dealers, as many companies do manufacture them as a universal model fitting a wide range of automobiles.

The Spark Plugs

While many automobile owners go super crazy with installing fancy spark plugs, seldom does it bring any difference to car performance.

You see, a spark plug has one key function to perform–help in the ignition. In other words, it’s called flame front initiation. Even if you are using more than two prongs, they will invariably keep running on the same voltage.

With expensive aftermarket spark plugs, you are promised longevity, which in the long run cut corners. Also, it offers you a much better state for your car, as it mitigates chances of running with spark plugs that would give in soon.

So, you see, it’s important to identify the key aftermarket parts to boost auto performance cars in Irvine. It is advised not to fall for just about any offer made by a sly aftermarket car parts dealer. Instead, take advice from a genuine automobile expert; someone who has considerable experience, before you go ahead with purchasing the parts.

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