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Know The Ways Through Which You Might Be Wasting Water At Your Home

Even though almost three-fourth of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only one percent of that is actually freshwater which is suitable for domestic & drinking consumption. The remaining ninety-nine percent is either frozen as glaciers & polar ice caps or saltwater. 

Therefore, conservation of fresh water is extremely vital and since every household requires water as one of the basic necessities of life, improvements should be made in how we use water on a daily basis. Professional plumber in Nerang suggests that even minor actions like taking shorter showers, replacing faucets that are dripping water or not using the tap when brushing your teeth, can indeed make a substantial difference. You’ll not only saving water for the environment but also money by spending less on water bills. 

The Various Ways Your Household May Be Wasting Water

Apart from inefficient appliances, old fixtures & habits as well as faulty plumbing, it can be quite easy to waste a lot of water on a per-day basis, especially inside a typical household. For instance, your toilet may have a faulty flapper valve, which can waste a lot of water every hour, if not fixed quickly. 

Thus, to assist you in knowing how you may be wasting water, we are sharing some of the popular mistakes that prevail in most households of today. Learning about these mistakes will help you lower down your water wastage.

  • Using Your Toilet As A Trashcan

Almost one-third of the household’s water consumption is utilized for indoor consumption and toilets are the biggest water usage source in your home. There are many homeowners out there who use their toilets as a trashcan for flushing various types of items such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and so on, which leads to more water usage while also running the risk of blocking the toilet pipes. Therefore, you should definitely avoid flushing foreign items into your toilet.

  • Taking Long Showers

Professional Gold Coast plumbing services states that the more time you spend inside your bathroom showering, the more water you’ll be wasting. Therefore, it’s suggested that you lower your showering time limit so that you can save the most amount of freshwater. 

  • Using Traditional Showerheads

It should be realized that traditional showerheads allow more water to pass through them, leading to greater water wastage in the long-term. So, if you’re planning to lower your water wastage, it’s better to switch to a slow-flowing showerhead. 

Lastly, be sure to fix any leaky pipes in your home because having a leaky pipe will lead to a massive amount of water wastage. And in case you require reliable plumbing services at your doorstep, don’t forget to let us know. 

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