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Methods To Follow When Restringing An Acoustic Guitar

There are certain things that every fellow guitarist should know or learn about and one of them includes the process of restringing an acoustic guitar. Restringing a guitar can prove to be a challenging task if you have no prior idea of what to do. And it also has grave consequences on your musical numbers if not done in the correct manner. 

However, you shouldn’t worry too much as we’ll be able to help you with the same, with our comprehensive guide on guitar setups. So, without wasting any moment, let’s move forward.

When Should You Be Changing The Strings Of Your Acoustic Guitar?

There’s no exact timetable that you should be following when planning to change your guitar strings. At the end of the heyday, it will depend on how often you play your guitar. When you use your guitar, the strings tend to get oxidized due to the release of sweat & dirt from your hands. The more you’ll use your guitar, the sooner you have to alter them. 

On average, with regular usage, you can expect your guitar strings to last you around three months. Those guitar strings which are coated can last up to almost six to nine months. 

When you don’t restring your guitar, you’ll see that their sound & tone becoming lifeless. 

How Can You Restring Your Acoustic Guitar Strings?

  • Choose An Ideal Place For The Project

Usually, you’ll be requiring a flat surface to be able to perform your restringing process. Moreover, the space should be big enough to accommodate your guitar. Ensure that your guitar doesn’t get damaged during the procedure. Moreover, put some soft support for the neck of your guitar, so that it doesn’t break. 

  • Old String Removal

Take one string at a time and proceed to unwind it. Make sure that you do this part of the process slowly & steadily so that the strings don’t break. Each string is connected with a plastic peg, known as a bridge pin. Try to ease the pins out of their respective holes. Once done, you can now move onto the next step. 

  • New String Installation

Proceed to take out one new string from your new string box packaging. Place the bridge pin in its hole gently (or loosely). Take the strings ball-end and then insert the same into the bridge pinhole. Once done, put the pin back to its place. Ensure that you change each string one by one with enough care. Also, proceed to thread the strings through the tuners. 

  • Test It Out

After you’ve installed your new strings, it’s time to test it out. 

So, as you can see, restringing your acoustic guitar isn’t that difficult at all. 

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