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Mobile App Development: Why Is AngularJS the Way to Go?

In the digital era, we’re all living in the one thing that sticks with every single person is a smartphone. From making calls to performing complex tasks, every smartphone user has become accustomed to using their devices to carry out daily activities. 

The surge in demand for smartphones is such that every mobile development company is increasing its production to provide more equipped and trendy smartphones. 

But what makes these smartphones so popular? 

Just like pulp to a fruit, a mobile application infuses life into a smartphone. People have integrated these applications deep into their lives, from waking up to an alarm to driving to work through a GPS. 

Since the mobile application development industry looks so promising, many entrepreneurs prefer to step into the competition and take their companies to the next level with what users love the most- An App! 

But the question that bothers most product owners is, what exactly is the right technology to trust their projects with? What’s the best way to develop their mobile apps in the most suitable environment? Which technology promises continued success? 

Let us make it simple for you! 

This write-up will discuss one such incredible technology that will make you go crazy with its abilities and functionalities. So, trust us and start looking to hire Angular developers because AngularJS is the answer to all your questions. 

But before you move to understand “why” AngularJS is the best bet, let’s first try to understand “what” it is. 

What is AngularJS?

By “JS,” you must have understood that it has something to do with the incredible JavaScript. Well, you are right! 

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based MVC framework that works on the client-side and is popularly used in developing dynamic applications. The technology was originally a Google project but has now become open-sourced. Therefore, anyone with substantial knowledge and connectivity can get their hands on the brilliant JS framework. 

The best thing about AngularJS is that it is entirely based on JavaScript and HTML. Thus, your developer doesn’t have to learn another language or syntax to develop a good app. 

The framework can change a static HTML into a dynamic one. It also extends HTML’s abilities by adding pre-built components and attributes. Not just that, a developer can also create custom attributes by using simple JavaScript. 

Apps built with AngularJS:

AngularJS has supported the development of many incredible applications that have outperformed the competition in the market. These popular applications are: 

  • YouTube for PS3
  • Istock
  • Netflix
  • Lego
  • IBM
  • Upwork
  • DoubleClick
  • Weather, and many more. 

These apps are the clear indicators of the power and abilities AngularJS holds. However, you must also realize that the development of legendary applications like such is not an easy task to execute; you would have to hire dedicated full-stack developers or those experts in AngularJS to ensure proper development of your application. Only then would it be possible to create an app capable of making a statement in the market. 

Now that we have understood the “what” of it let’s know “why” it is wise to choose AngularJS for mobile app development. 

Advantages of AngularJS:

The incredible javascript framework has a lot to offer when it comes to mobile app development. AngularJS is used in almost all cases where the development of a highly versatile mobile application is required; these apps host multiple features and are based on various development approaches. 

Here’s why AngularJS should be your choice: 

  • Platform-independent app development:

Like technologies such as HTML, Cordova, and Ionic are famous for developing cross-platform applications, AngularJS also does the work appropriately. This indicates that an application developed with AngularJS can be accessed through any operating system or device. 

Thus breaking all limitations in terms of accessibility on the user’s end. 

  • Built-in Features: 

Developers working with AngularJS get many built-in features and versatile solutions that you can accelerate your app’s performance with. Not just that, there’s the availability of numerous libraries that offer features like UI routing, MVC frameworks, HTML interfaces, and more. 

  • A robust community:

AngularJS as technology is backed by a robust community of dedicated developers who are continually working to improve it. This allows more independence for clients as well as developers. If a developer stumbles upon a query, s/he can always turn to the robust community base for answers.

Or, a client can always switch teams or enhance her/his knowledge base just by taking a little help from the community. 

  • Customizable: 

The flexibility and customizability AngularJS provides are the factors that help it stand out from the crowd. There is no need for developers to stick to libraries dedicated to AngularJS for development. The developers can freely choose, change, and code for particular libraries. 

Therefore, developing mobile apps with AngularJS is more seamless and comfortable. 

  • Highly Scalable: 

It is easy to execute AngularJS; therefore, the production of applications is easy and quick. In fact, basic applications can be built-in minimum time with AngularJS. In any case, if your application turns out to be bigger and more complicated than you expected, there is substantial documentation to help you sail your way to success. 

If that doesn’t help, you can always turn to the robust AngularJS community of developers. 


AngularJS is sure the best deal when it comes to developing a mobile application. Simple or complex- it can do it all! 

Just make sure to hire Angular developers who understand your project’s niche, its requirements, and your company’s end goal. Once you find the right resource for your project, streamlining the development won’t be tough. 

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