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Places to visit in Morocco

The places to visit in Morocco is endless. Thus, Morocco is a fantastic country with a lot of lovely places. This country is an unusual entrance to Africa. That is to say, it has mountains, deserts, old lanes of medinas, and coasts where Berbers and nomads live. Morocco is a tourist site for travellers. It includes the captivating sands of the Sahara and the majestic peaks of the High Atlas. The mountains of North Africa present a lyrical carpet of landscapes with colourful and patterned animals. Beautiful coasts, waterfalls, and caverns in the wooded hills are in the lower section of the country. Thus, here are the main places to visit in Morocco on tour.

The Main Places to Visit in Morocco:


Marrakesh is a lovely, lively city with a maze of streets and lanes. Travelling around the city, travellers see snake charmers, out-of-control donkey carts, and Berber merchants selling anything from stylish leather pouffes, silverware, and various remedies to rents. The futuristic Djemaa el Fna square is located in the city, where you can always hear the sounds of castanets, the sound of water, and the voices of numerous vendors in Marrakesh’s covered marketplaces. Dive deep into any street in the city and you’ll find yourself north of Djemaa el Fna Square.┬áIn┬áthe┬ámedina,┬áyou┬ácan┬ávisit┬áthe┬áPalace┬áMuseum,┬áthe┬áRiada’s┬águest┬áhouse,┬áand┬átaste┬áunique┬ásnail┬áshells and hot┬ádishes. If tour look for a short desert trip from Marrakech, check out this 3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes.

Draa valley

The Dades Valley is also a popular tourist destination in Morocco. The Dades River, the Atlas Mountains, Moroccan fortresses, and opulent hotels all draw visitors from around the world. The Berber communities and magnificent sceneries of the Dades Valley will astound you. In addition to these seven destinations, Morocco has a plethora of other magnificent cities worth visiting. Morocco has it all, whether you wish to relax by the shore, spend your winter holidays in the highlands, or simply appreciate the historical and cultural treasures. Discover new sensations in Morocco’s fascinating cities. Finally, here’s a video that almost entirely covers Morocco.

Casablanca is Morocco’s economic and cultural centre. And it symbolizes the country in the fields of contemporary art and fashion. The city organizes several events including the most recent collections from modern designers, as well as permanent exhibitions in art galleries. Casablanca is a more sophisticated and Western-friendly city in Morocco. This is mirrored in the city’s attire style, as well as the fact that men and women go to restaurants, bars, hip-hop clubs, and beaches together. Casablanca is riddled with inconsistencies. It has suffocating traffic, raging social problems, vast slums, spacious boulevards, groomed gardens, fountains, and flashy colonial architecture. The drab facades of the outskirts contrast sharply with the Hispano-Moorish, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau styles of the city centre. The massive and wonderfully beautiful Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca’s greatest modernist attraction.

Fez is a medieval city in an ancient Islamic civilisation that swiftly became the country’s religious and cultural centre. In addition, Fez, the oldest of the imperial cities, is regarded as the country’s symbolic heart and the true centre of Morocco. Moreover, the city is set in a narrow valley against the backdrop of the Middle Atlas Mountains, at an old crossroads of caravan routes between the Sahara and the Atlantic. The city was able to obtain funding for rapid growth and development in terms of culture and education thanks to the fertile countryside.

Fes is divided into three sections: Fes el Bali (ancient city), Fes Jedid (New Fes – Mellah), and Ville Nouvel (French, new part of Fes). Fes el Bali, the world’s largest Islamic medieval city, is the most intriguing and attractive site to visit. Its twisting streets and covered bazaars are teeming with shops, caf├ęs, workshops, mosques, madrasas (theological colleges), and the clamour of local voices. Donkeys and mules are still the major modes of transportation in this lovely city. Despite these historical relics, Fes el Bali is a reasonably contemporary city. It has space for mobile operator towers and satellite dishes that, against the backdrop of the city’s fa├žade, appear to have slid back in time. Explore Morocco in 4 days tour from Fes to Marrakech


Chefchaouen is┬áa city hidden on the slopes of the Rif Mountains. Besides, it┬áis a fantastic location for hikers and swimmers. The city is well-known for its marijuana manufacturing, which explains why tourists adore this Moroccan city. There are great cafes on Outa el-main Hammam’s square where you may have a fantastic lunch and rest.


Essaouira is well-known for its stunning beaches due to its location on the Atlantic coast. In Essaouira, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This city also holds special meaning for legendary musicians Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. UNESCO has designed the city’s medina a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, the Gnawa music festival holds here.

Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah

The majestic city-fortress of Ait Benhaddou is in the south of Morocco. It was founded presumably in the 11th century to protect the caravan trade route running through the Sahara. The ancient fortified city, which belonged to the warlike tribes of the Berbers, is one of the most colourful sights of Morocco. Ait-Benhaddou represents numerous tiers of rectangular clay dwellings with flat roofs, surrounded by date palms and an endless hot desert. You will expect that this real Berber town serves as the location for some well-known films with exotic settings. Among these films are┬á Pearl of the Nile and┬á “Gladiator”, “Prince of Persia. This is one of the places that is a must-visit in Morocco!


This community, located in the country’s northeast and bathed by the Mediterranean, is of fishing origin but has quickly become a vacation destination promoted and supported by large hotel companies. If you want wide beaches and the option of vacationing with a bracelet. Saidia has nothing to envy of the other destinations, and the price is more than reasonable.

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