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Rent Or Buy: Which Is Best For Shipping Containers?

More and more people and companies are discovering the many uses for shipping container rentals. These highly versatile storage units have been providing a safe, secure way to ship items overseas for decades. However, their demand is growing as their diversity is being discovered across many industries from retail to storage facilities and builders to mobile office designers. If you’re in the market for shipping container rentals Calgary needs, here’s how to decide if it makes more sense to rent or buy.

When to Rent Shipping Containers

Shipping container rentals come in a few different sizes, but typically you will find them in 10, 20 and 40-foot lengths. The width is a standard 8 feet to make them suitable for transportation. Height is usually about 8 and a half feet, although you sometimes can find what’s called “high cube” units at 9 and a half feet. Some of the more obvious reasons to rent include:

  • You only require the container for a limited amount of time
  • You aren’t sure it is the right solution for your needs so want to try it out first
  • You are moving and want to pack slowly and then ship your belongings to your new location all at once
  • You want to assess your need for size before committing to a purchase
  • You don’t require customization of your shipping container

Keep in mind you can also decide to purchase your rental unit at the end of your rental term if it turns out you need it for a longer period, or permanently.

When to Purchase Shipping Containers

When purchasing your shipping containers you have the standard sizes available for rent, as well as a few specialty sizes including high cubes, a longer 53-foot length or a shorter pod length of just 8 feet. Purchasing shipping containers makes more sense if you:

  • Need the container permanently
  • Use it in short but frequent periods for varying purposes
  • Require a special size
  • Need to customize the unit
  • Plan to transform the container for building purposes
  • Need to modify the container for other permanent repurposing such as a swimming pool, permanent storage unit, shed, etc.
  • You need to ship your container to a destination that is not local such as cross country, or internationally
  • You need a less standard size

Another consideration when choosing between renting and buying is ROI. Because shipping containers have grown in demand, if you choose to purchase your shipping container, even if you need it for a shorter amount of time, you can resell it. This allows you to at least make your money back or in some cases even make a profit. As well, companies can amortize their shipping container purchase over several years.

Possible Uses for Shipping Containers

One last consideration is looking at all the potential uses for your shipping container rental Calgary needs. If you choose to purchase your shipping container regardless of its original intended use, you can repurpose it for a long list of things including:

  • Kiosks
  • Pop-up restaurants and shops
  • Multimedia booths
  • Houses
  • Sheds and other outbuildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Office
  • And much more

So before you decide what works best, consider future possibilities, and add this into the cost considerations so you make the wisest investment. You can read more blog posts.

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