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Should You Invest In 4K Security Cameras For Your Protection?

In the last couple of years, 4K monitors and TVs have become more affordable than ever before. In fact, their popularity has grown so much that 4K devices are out-selling 1080P devices. 

But, it should be known that like any other new technology, 4K comes with its own merits and demerits. And when it comes to home security cameras for your business purposes, should you really opt for 4K ones instead of 1080P cameras? Let’s take a closer look into this matter. 

What Do You Mean By 4K?

4K doesn’t equate to 4 Megapixels. 4K generally refers to the resolution that is closer to 8 Megapixels. This means it will have four times the resolution as that of a 1080P camera. 

Often people have this misconception that more resolution equals to better picture quality. But, it’s definitely not true at all. A camera with support for a higher resolution will have the potential to deliver better image quality, but it also depends largely on other factors such as the frame rate, WDR or Wide Dynamic Range, sensor size, low light performance, focusing power, and the like. 

Therefore, when choosing a security camera, the resolution should not be the only deciding factor. 

4K Security Cameras Will Come At A Cost

You should know that 4K security cameras come at a cost and the cost is a trade-off between performance and quality. When a manufacturer designs a low-cost 4K security camera, significant sacrifices needed to be made, such as lesser durability, poor performance, low dynamic range and so on.

So, don’t get too excited when you see 4K security cameras are being sold at prices cheaper than what they should be. 4K security cameras are great but they simply don’t come cheap at all. 

Things To Keep In Intention When Buying A 4K Security Camera

  • Storage Requirements

Since 4K cameras record at a higher resolution than normal 1080P cameras, the final image size will be higher, leading to more storage requirements for your security camera system. 4K camera generally requires four times the space than that of a 1080P camera because of the increase in pixel count. 

  • Processing Power

With 4K cameras, you’ll be dealing with better image resolution and increased file size, which will lead to the requirement of better processing power for the security camera system. If adequate processing power is not provided, then the whole system will become laggy and bloated. 

We hope you loved our in-depth guide on 4K security cameras. In case you’re not sure about your needs and desires when it comes to security cameras for your business, you can contact us and our technicians will be happy to help you out. 

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