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The 10 Best Collaborative Productive Tools for Work Sharing and Communication

The pandemic of coronavirus brought a massive change to the world. Due to this contagious disease, companies and organizations around the world implemented the mode of work from home for their employees and started practising remote working through tools for work sharing and communication.

The concept of remote working saw an upward surge after the COVID-19. The global pandemic was first identified in Wuhan, China at the end of December 2019. Since then, almost 219 countries are affected by the coronavirus.

-Around the whole globe, around 114 million cases of coronavirus have been reported till 1st March 2021 with 64.4 million recovered and 2.53 million deaths.


The continuous spread of coronavirus has led companies around the globe to accommodate the concept of remote working. It is not only significant in preventing the spread of the virus, but also provides some flexibility in productivity and working hours.

Although, a lot of companies are partially resuming back with 50% attendance but still… the danger zone is not ended yet!

This is definitely going to be the new normal till the coronavirus ends and offices and companies resume back to the physical presence of the employees.


The collaboration of the employees is the company’s key to success. Having collaboration among the team members has now become a vital part of the workplace. Due to the higher collaboration and clear communication among the teammates, efficiency is improved along with increased productivity.

As the concept of remote working is rapidly growing, the skilled resume creators from penned; it has become necessary for the company to look at their collaboration tools that are used for the work-sharing and communication among the employees.

The concept of team collaboration software is on the rise and technology is offering an abundance of huge options. From the discipline of communication to project management, the collaborative productive tools are helpful to bring all the employees of the company on the same page.

The collaborative tools must be based on a platform for communication. Also, the tools must be accessible from the desktop along with the smartphones as well.

Below is a list of 10 excellent team collaboration software and tools. These tools can support the needs of your team while working remotely. You can communicate with your team, manage the tasks and the projects, and create the team task and presentation altogether. Dive into the study to check about these productivity tools.


Flock Software

For the purpose of communication, companies and growing businesses can use Flock. With the easy to use interface, the productivity tools of the Flock are pretty neat and understandable. Also, the software is simply free to use.

It offers a comprehensive communication tool with audio and video call option available. However, the free package supports 5GB storage and 10k message search, but you can choose pro and enterprise plans, as well as they, are paid ones.


Trello Software

With the help of Trello, it becomes possible for a company to organize all the projects without hustling. The interface is quite pretty, clean, and most importantly easy-to-use. Also, you can go with the free version as well.

Trello is available on the web and mobile apps as well. You can easily organize your projects and can work over them with your colleagues.

Google Docs:

Google Docs Tools

Who doesn’t know about the excellent applications and platforms of Google? Almost all of us are known to Google Classroom, photos, Drive and many more. Google Docs is also a collaboration tool with sheets and document services.

The sheets of Google are helpful enough to allow the teams to edit any type of file at the same time. The changes that are done in the sheets are saved automatically. However, you need to have the access to that particular spreadsheet.


Slack for Communication

The professionals from resume writing services UK consider the Slack collaboration tool as the one that needs no introduction. It has an excellent interface and is exceptionally easy to use at desktop and mobile as well.

The slack tool has millions of users worldwide. You can share files and data to the group and with an individual person easily. Slack also offers the paid versions of the tool to access more storage and chats. However, it is free to use with basic features.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Team Software

Microsoft is easy to use and is meant for group chat the video calls as well. No matter, if you want to connect with a group of people or a single person, it is secured, accessible, and absolutely free to use.

It is mainly a proprietary business communication tool that helps the writer to work on a single document or file collectively.


Asana is one of that excellent collaborative software that can help you to organize your work to a maximum level. It helps the company and head to track the project. Also, handy integrations are quite helpful.

By tracking the performance of the employees for the project, Asana helps in generating possible and positive outcomes. You can also create to-do-lists for the upcoming projects and can set a reminder for the employees as well.

Monday Software for work sharing is also flexible and highly used flexible remote collaboration software. It is helpful for effective teamwork and also improves communication among the employees. It also plays a key role in boosting up productivity.

You can share the files, ideas, and feedback on It is pretty easy to use and there are up to 100,000 teams using this software.


Redbooth Software

Redbooth is easy to use project management tool. The growing small businesses and enterprises can have a look at this platform as it allows the users to plan and to collaborate via many functions. The users can do video conferencing along with the creation of Gantt charts.

The software of Redbooth is a kind of online task manager. For workplaces collaboration, it can work extremely well.


Quip initially took a start as a mobile application and then released its desktop version later. It is another amazing and productive tool. Teams can easily import their work and can also work live on different types of files.

Also, the edits that are made in the files are saved automatically. The chats, comments, checklist and other features also make Quip easy to use.


Teamwork online tool

Teamwork is also reliable software. With powerful and rich features, it is easy to use and for project management. Also, Teamwork is used by up to 20,000 companies. You can view and edit the lists, Gantt charts and board views as well.

Also, teamwork is helpful for tracking project progress with dashboards. It also has an excellent customer support centre.


Using the above-listed tools for work sharing and communication for your company would be a smart move to enhance the engagement and communication among the employees. Make sure to have a look at their pro pricing packages if you are not willing to go for the free version.

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