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The 18 Most Prominent Interior Design Styles

Most people associate the word “interior design” with a room full of furniture, flooring, and art. While interior design is a large part of what we do, we can’t design a home without first understanding the context of the space itself. Experienced interior designers understand that there is more to designing a space than furniture placement and wall color—they understand the importance of the layout of the space, the proportions of the room, and the visual impact of the space. While the overall concept of interior design is the same, there are several different styles of interior design that differ from each other based on their primary focus on the space itself. Here are 10 of the most common interior design styles:

1. Contemporary Interior Design

In contemporary interior design, the furniture and flooring remain the same as they have always been but the artwork, lighting, and the way the space is arranged are completely different from the way they were decades ago. The goal of a contemporary home is to create a modern space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. By keeping everything else the same, the design style will make you feel as if you’re in a new space.

2. Eclectic Design

Another variation of interior design is eclectic interior design. Eclectic interior design uses a variety of different types of furniture in order to achieve a unique, personal look that is completely different from what most people would use. The goal is for this type of design to look lived in and natural, rather than the same old stuff that most people have. It can be very messy to maintain, but it is worth the effort to get an eclectic look in your home.

3. Boho Interior Design

Boho interior design is all about adding a little bit of bohemia into your home. A boho space will have lots of different pieces of art, some with a lot of texture and others that are a bit more refined. Some rooms will have a lot of bright colors, and some may be very monochromatic in color.

4. Artistic Design

Artistic interior design combines a variety of elements including colors, textures, patterns, and designs into a beautiful and creative space. Artistic design is often used in offices or studios where a sense of privacy and serenity is desired. The goal of this interior design style is to create a space that is relaxing and gives you a sense of tranquility.

5. Transitional Interior Design

Transitional interior design combines the old with the new. It’s a great mix of traditional and modern. Items like wicker, marble, or leather continue to be used to update the space, and the room still feels like it has an updated look. The goal of a transitional home is to bring out the best of both past and present.

6. Industrial Design

Industrial interior design is perfect for anyone who loves industrial and contemporary design. Think about all the modern appliances we use on a daily basis. Industrial design features industrial elements such as metals, concrete, and sharp angles. It also mixes in bright colors and large pieces of furniture. This type of space can give off a professional and sophisticated atmosphere.

7. Farmhouse Interior Design

Farmhouse style is very unique and can be seen throughout the world. It tends to feature lots of wood, rugs, natural light, fresh flowers, open airy rooms, farmhouse furniture, and comfort. It’s no wonder this design style is so popular — it’s quite comfortable and inviting.

8. Shabby Chic Interior Design

The shabby chic style is very charming. It works really well for a lot of different spaces with different styles. This particular design features items that are slightly aged and shabby, such as old rugs, wooden furniture, and other decor that is loved.

9. Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is yet another interior design that is always interesting and stylish. This particular design is super modern and gives off a minimalist feel. It’s great in places such as a living room, a bedroom, or a kitchen. It works well for a lot of different styles because everything is sleek and has a modern feel.

10. Tuscan Design

Tuscany is a region in Italy. It’s also a great style of interior decor. Tuscan decor features bright colors and beautiful landscapes. The interiors are also usually filled with a lot of greenery, which gives off a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

11. Vintage Design

Vintage is a very popular style among interior decor designers. This particular design looks classy and has an extremely interesting feel. Many vintage items include things like paintings, lamps, and other pieces of art.

12. Coastal Interior Design

Coastal design focuses on fun and vibrant colors that bring out the outdoors. You can see this type of design throughout many beach side homes. Items such as rattan, bamboo, and seashells come together to make a beautiful home inside and out.

13. Moroccan Design

If you want to give your house a traditional yet exotic feel, then a Moroccan interior design is what you should go with. Lots of natural elements such as leather and rugs will create a cozy atmosphere.

14. Art Deco Interior Design

This particular style is incredibly elegant and was very popular decades ago. Although it doesn’t come around as much anymore, we still love to see it in old movies and old houses from back then. Colors include beige, brown, and camel. You can even incorporate blue in there as well if you want.

15. Eco-Chic Design

Eco-chic design focuses on making your home as sustainable as possible. It uses resources wisely and makes use of green materials whenever possible. This design helps save your money while not sacrificing comfort.

16. Rustic Interior Design

A rustic style is a great option for those who love to live life at a slower pace. This type of interior decor is best for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. It is also good for anyone who loves to escape into the great outdoors. This particular design style combines wood, stone, and other natural elements.

17. Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean design is the ultimate in relaxation. Very few homeowners choose this type of design because it really is the most relaxing style. It is also a popular design for hotels and spas because of its unique appearance.

18. Tropical Home Interior Design

Many people think that all tropical homes look the same. However, this is simply not true. The way a tropical home is decorated depends on what the homeowner’s tastes are. This can be seen with the variety of different designs and styles. There are several different options when it comes to this design style.


These are just some examples of what you can do to make your home more beautiful. The best part about interior design is that you can apply these ideas into any space. But, if you are still in doubt you can take the assistance of any experienced interior designer or architects and you can also find them online. For example if you are living somewhere in Gurgaon you just need to pick up your mobile and Google it like best interior designers in Gurgaon or best architects in Gurgaon and you will get a list of some of them who have good portfolio and experience. You just need to hire one who has the right credentials and you will be all set for designing your dream home.

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