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The complete guide to virtual PBX system by Aavaz’s Free PBX?

Virtual PBX system by Aavaz’s Free PBX

The benefits of switching from a traditional phone system to a virtual PBX phone system are endless, regardless if you’re new to self-employment or a seasoned business owner looking to cut costs.

Service quality is a significant part of the customer experience because it helps businesses resolve customer issues quickly. Methods you should use, however, is still a question. Email? What about a live chat? Is there anything else?

What about computer software? Choosing the right software for your company might be difficult with so many options available.

With the help of Aavaz Free PBX, you can ditch your traditional PBX phone system and move your communication to the cloud. To name a few benefits, a virtual PBX system allows your company to handle business-related calls easily, be accessible to customers even after business hours, gain access to advanced analytic and automatic call distribution, and add an unlimited number of users to your virtual phone number.

The flexibility, useful features, and value for money are just a few reasons why the virtual PBX system has become so popular.

What is a virtual Free PBX system?

Your VoIP phone / IP phone service provider maintains a virtual PBX, a low-cost inbound phone system that transmits calls over the internet as data using VoIP.

How virtual Free PBX system works?

A virtual PBX system is an advanced phone system that is affordable, easy to use, and accessible from where with an internet connection.

The personalized greeting will usually include:

  • Your company’s name.

Frequently dialed extensions and departments.

  • Directing callers to the appropriate extensions.

Greetings can even be tailored to correspond to business hours. If a customer calls after hours, they will hear an after-hours message with the option to leave a voicemail, which a representative will return the next business day.

Features of a virtual PBX system

Power Dialer

You can resolve productivity issues caused by manually dialing a large volume of numbers daily using a power dialer. This feature dials an uploaded list of numbers one after the other under a specific campaign.

Smart Switch With Free PBX

A smart switch is a simple mechanism that enables businesses to switch between multiple telephony providers and choose the one that best meets their needs. This provides a better call connectivity result because it is placed on the representative’s console, allowing them to configure it to their specific needs.

Global Connect

If your company has international clients, this is a must-have virtual PBX feature because it allows you to determine the best time to call them. Global connect allows you to determine the time zone of a specific country where you want to call, as well as the validity of the number you want to dial.

Call forwarding

The call forwarding feature allows you to forward any incoming calls to another number easily. Calls can be delivered to any number, anywhere in the world, at any time.

On-hold music

Use the on-hold music feature to prevent your callers from hanging up while waiting to be connected. It enhances the customer experience, boosts call conversion rates, and projects a professional image.

Key benefits of virtual Free PBX system:


Since it does not require external hardware or maintenance, a virtual PBX system is much more cost-effective than a traditional PBX system. This cloud-based phone system can be accessed via mobile device or laptop. You only need to pay for a high-speed internet connection.

Easy to set up and use

A virtual PBX can be quickly set up and is simple to customize and use.

Increased productivity and efficiency

The cloud-based PBX system significantly boosts your employees’ productivity and efficiency. It also improves communication within the company.

Integration with third-party software

A virtual phone system integrates easily with communication tools such as CRM software, predictive dialer, and others.

Why should businesses use Aavaz’s Free PBX?

Businesses face fierce competition in this high-tech world as customer demand and the quality of service provided by competitors rise. To thrive in any industry, you must have a competitive advantage, which a cloud-based PBX system provides.

Businesses today require a communication solution that is user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. Aavaz’s Free PBX is the ideal solution for all of these requirements.

Aavaz is a leading contact center solution provider with customizable PBX system features to help your company grow and prosper while remaining technologically friendly.

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