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The relationship between Sleep and Cancer: Read to know More

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that come up in the way of many men and women. Do you know sleep is a factor that is related to cancer? There are many factors that relate to cancer and a person’s sleeping schedule is one of them. Many people do not know about it. Therefore it is essential that everyone becomes aware of this connection between sleep and cancer so that he can avoid this unfortunate medical condition.

Sleep has an important role in a person’s good health and according to some of the researchers sleep schedule is related to cancer as well. Lack of sleep naturally leads to some health problems and now cancer is counted as one of those problems. A bad sleep schedule is a risk factor of cancer.

Apart from this people who are already suffering from cancer have a symptom of a bad sleeping pattern that again shows a connection between sleep and cancer. Knowing about this connection in detail can be beneficial for everyone as it might reduce the hapless situations.

Facts about the connection between sleep and cancer:

There are many known facts about the connection between sleep and cancer and some are still unknown on which studies and research are going on worldwide.

  1. As sleep affects the entire functioning of the body, it plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle. As it has an impact on all the organs of the body, there are many points that due to a bad sleep schedule the functioning of organs like the brain, heart and etc. gets disturbed that increases the risk of getting diagnosed with cancer.
  2. Sleep has different parts – sleep duration, sleep quality, and circadian rhythm. If any of these parts gets disturbed or gets out of the tract, there is a problem of sleeping pattern which is known to increase the risk of cancer according to case studies.
  3. People who sleep less than 6 hours in 24 hours, definitely have the risk of facing different types of cancer. A person needs at least 8 hours of sleep in a day to have a healthy body and if this is not followed, the risk of cancer gets inclined up. Like people of the older generation have more chances of getting diagnosed with stomach cancer due to lack of sleep.
  4. Insufficient sleep is one of the main causes of obesity that again invites many types of cancer. There are multiple facts that link obesity to many types of cancer.
  5. Anxiety, stress, and depression are some points that disturb sleeping patterns which causes cancer. These kinds of mentally related issues highly affect sleeping patterns in many ways. Anxiety is an issue that runs constant thoughts in the mind of the concerned person that avoids sleeping.
  6. Lack of sleep is known to increase inflammation which is another reason that causes cancer. Disturbed sleep schedule increases chronic inflammation that causes the DNA cells to get damaged and damaging of DNA cell that leads to the growth of tumors which 100% causes cancer.
  7. Sleep disturbance affects 30% to 75% of newly diagnosed cancer patients. Most of the cancer patients are reported to complain about sleeping issues. They find it difficult to fall asleep and the habit of waking up several times between sleep also increases. The complaint of having a disturbed sleeping pattern is prevalent both before and after the treatment of the particular type of cancer.
  8. Lung cancer is recognized to have the highest or second highest prevalence of sleep problems in general and many women with breast cancer have insomnia and fatigue that they realize after getting diagnosed with it.


There is the need of more research to bring on more facts that prove a connection between sleep and cancer. Sleeping problems can be reasons for cancer and cancer itself can be a reason for disturbed sleeping pattern. Therefore people should follow a normal sleeping schedule that results in having a healthy life and discard the chances of any type of cancer.


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