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Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Event in Singapore

Since the “2020” pandemic, event firms in Singapore have turned into virtual event companies. The pandemic influenced the event industry and changed their working style.

There are many organizers turning their live events into virtual events all over the globe. So are you one of them planning to organize an online or virtual event in Singapore or a nearby locality? If this is the case, remember that online events need the same attention as any in-person event requires.

As an organizer, you have to draft event strategies for promoting the event effectively, engaging attendees, and for a successful event. Well, in this article, we will guide you on hosting a successful virtual event in Singapore.

Tips For A Successful Virtual Event

For a successful online event, you have to keep some important strategies in your mind. Have a look over the best tips for organizing an online event.

1. The Objective of An Event

The first thing to keep in mind is what is the goal of organizing an online event in Singapore. There are chances that a company only accomplishes their goals only by organizing a live event. So don’t just blindly follow the trend. Make a clarify of your goal in mind and then take leverage of an online event. It is a cost-effective as well as a unique way of spreading the message.

2. More Productivity

It’s really important to consider the outcomes of an online event. The production quality of casual or corporate events in Singapore includes set design, camera quality, trade show floor, etc. Also, ensure using the right equipment for Premium quality audio and video. Improve your PPT, select branded backdrops, go for a good camera, high-quality mics, and much more.

For engaging attendees, ask the cameraman to use the right type of camera angles and lighting. The quality of videos plays a vital role in an online event.

Well, the audience doesn’t get a chance to present in person, so it’s your responsibility to offer good graphics and excellent video quality.

3. Involving Stakeholders

You can’t underestimate the role of stakeholders in the online event planning process. Select the ones who have participated in this kind of event before. There will be more chances of a successful event.

So, it’s important for you to get the right partners for organizing an online event. First, you have to notify all your employees to ensure that every employer knows about the event. If needed, train and brief them about what to do and things the event require. It’s better to prepare yourself in advance instead of a last-minute rush. Also, notify your department about the online event you are going to organize.

4. Choose the Event Date Wisely.

You might have heard that location matters a lot in a live event. Similarly, issues of date matter a lot in an online event. You need to fix the timing after reviewing other important dates for a successful online event.

We would suggest you avoid some dates like;

  • Election day
  • Long holiday weekend
  • New year time
  • Christmas
  • Easter, and other festivals.

You may confirm a date after completing your research. It means surfing on Google about the holidays and important dates for virtual events. So, set a date as per the time zones of your attendees.

5. Short Sessions

Always try to keep event sessions short. Divide an event into three sessions at least. As you know, nobody likes to attend long sessions so divide them into interesting sessions and add small breaks. It’s important to decrease the boredom of attendees, so make sure you don’t extend event time. Also, it would be easier to concentrate on an event with a short session by just sitting in a place.

The audience starts feeling disinterested in more than a 30-minute session. The shorter would be an online event; the attendees will feel much more engaging.

6. Promotions

Promotion of an event is key to engaging the target audience!

Once you have cleared your aim, decided on objectives, and have got the right stakeholders, it’s time to approach the target audience. Start event promotion at least 60 days before your online event.

For creating a successful virtual event in Singapore, you need to promote it well on social media channels. And the best platforms are; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social handles.

Moreover, the other options are via your website and creating email marketing lists. You have to set up landing pages to convey your message to the target audiences. Furthermore, choose a relevant visual, catchy headline, and videos if needed. To engage more customers, share and spread the message to everyone.

7. Add Q & A and Live Poll

As you know, when organizing a virtual event in Singapore, you can’t offer in-person services to attendees. So, organizers try to add engagement activities to an online event. Q & A round and live poll activities are two of them.

If your event goes live with a website link, concentrate on conducting a live poll session. It makes audiences involved in polling activity. Later you can calculate overall attendees as per the engagement in live poll sessions.

Furthermore, a Q & A round is very special for attendees. It permits your attendees to put their queries in an online event, and the speaker or expert answers their questions. Drafting an approaching content strategy allows participants to participate in a Q & A round.

For example, in a 5 hours event, you can create 1 Q & A session and two live polling rounds. It will give a break to the host as well as attendees will take an interest in an event.

Pro Tips

  • Use a safe and protected website for an online event.
  • Encourage participant participation.
  • Opt for high-end technologies
  • Check and double-check equipment before an event.
  • In the end, analyze the success rate of your online event.

Final Words

In conclusion, online events are held online depending on the purpose. These events are hosted online through applications, public live streams, online conferences, and webinars. So, many organizers find online events challenging because of a lack of technology.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in organizing a successful event for your company. If you are still confused, choosing a Singapore events company would be the best option..

Do you like or find our guide helpful? If so, then write your reviews to us.

Best of luck with your next event!

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