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5 Top 2023 Wedding Gifts

It’s common to feel a little stressed about wedding gifts, whether you’re getting hitched, or you’re a VIP guest at the wedding of the year. Items such as beautiful and luxurious wedding photo albums, that are often at the top of an engaged couple’s wishlist may not even be a present that guests have considered gifting. Some guests also get anxious over choosing an item that is stylish, practical and desirable, as well as affordable.

To make the wedding gift experience much more easy and enjoyable, it’s helpful to create a wishlist that’s accessible to all of your guests, if you’re tying the knot. If you’re the one buying a present for a friend who is getting married, here are 5 top 2023 wedding gifts that definitely tick all the right boxes…

  1. Luxury Wedding Photo Albums

All newlyweds will undoubtedly have a huge pile of photographs of their special day that they will want to show off to everyone. Stylish and elegant wedding photo albums therefore make an excellent gift option.

To show that you care, and that you have great taste, it’s worthwhile treating the happy couple to a luxury photo album that is uniquely personalised and bespoke. Choose from modern or traditional style hardcover, softcover and layflat photo book formats that are filled with high quality paper pages, and embellished with gorgeous detail, like embossing or foil stamping. The wow factor cover can be printed or feature debossed fabric.

  1. Gifts For The Home

Gifts for the home are a popular choice for guests that are invited to attend weddings throughout the year. If you don’t want the present that you choose to buy to be an item that is seldom used and easily forgotten, it’s crucial that you do a little research to find out what the couple really want.

If they’ve asked for specific items on a wedding wishlist, you can buy a selected gift, along with a few additional extras that elevate your present’s desirable status. For instance, if you’ve chosen to purchase the coffee machine that your friends have listed on their gift wishlist, consider throwing in a pair of beautiful handmade ceramic cups, plus a selection of coffee beans and syrups.

If your wedding gift buying budget is limited, you can opt to purchase an item that is less expensive, and include a customised element to make your home accessory more personal.

  1. Unique Keepsake Gifts

If you’re buying off list, you’ll have far more options to consider when trying deciding what present your friends will love and welcome. Unique gifts can be a hit or a miss, so it’s essential that you choose with care. If you’re attending a wedding in 2023, it’s a good idea to think about the latest trends, when you’re shopping for a great wedding gift that will impress and delight.

Although they won’t be able to use it for a year, the Anniversary Journal is a lovely keepsake gift that couples will cherish and treasure throughout married life. The stylish heirloom-worthy journal allows each wedding anniversary (from the 1st to the 60th) to be celebrated and commemorated with photos and comments that tell a romantic story.

A handmade celebration wine chiller or ice bucket is both functional and timeless. It’s also just what every couple needs to toast the special moments in their marriage. For a touch of glamour and class choose a modern or vintage-inspired design that is decorated with the couple’s initials. Every time that the wine chiller or ice bucket is used, your friends will remember who gifted them such an excellent keepsake wedding present.

  1. Experience Gifts

While many soon-to-be wed couples opt to create a wedding wishlist that solely contains practical gifts for the home, some occasionally prefer to ask for gifts of experiences.

If your friends have been living together for sometime, prior to getting married, they will probably already have their home kitted out with all of the household essentials that they need. They may therefore ask for a financial contribution that they can use as they wish. If you prefer not to gift a sum of money, choose an experience gift that the couple can enjoy at their leisure.

There are tons of e-voucher options available to choose from, including attractions and tours, spa days, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, cookery classes, or specialist interests. The Just Married gift box gives your friends access to over 800 couple experiences all over the world.

Couples getting spliced in a ceremony that takes place in an exotic location may desire a gift that enhances their romantic overseas adventure. You can choose to buy them a romantic dinner for two during their honeymoon, or a pampering full body massage treatment that they can enjoy together.

  1. Personalised Art

If you have artistic or creative talents, surprise your friends by gifting them a one-of-a-kind piece of personalised art as a wedding gift. You can create an image of the happy couple using your preferred materials and art genre. Your customised art can be a portrait painting, an illustration, or a photograph. It can also be any size, and in whatever format you like – photo, print, poster, or used as a design for a personalised item.

If you do have a good photographer’s eye, don’t be surprised if your portrait ends up on display in one of their stylish and elegant wedding photo albums.

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