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Top 6 Platforms to Design Surveys for Conducting Research

A survey is a series of organized questions that prospects, employees, or customers fill out over the web. Online surveys are utilized to collect more information on clients or to assemble feedback about a particular item, service, or experience to discover how clients are responding to it. These surveys can be of different formats and length. To appropriately lead and deal with your online surveys, you need to discover a perfect and suitable tool. This software permits you to make and send surveys. Designing an online survey is simple. There are numerous extraordinary online survey designer tools out there to help you create that super survey. With regards to the online survey tool, you can pick between the free or paid ones. In case you are simply hoping to do some light audience research to improve your business performance, you can be fine with free survey designers accessible on the web. Typically the paid forms offer added features. Mentioned below are some of the top platforms where you can design surveys efficiently.

Lime Survey:

LimeSurvey is an open-source tool, and it offers many advantages over a free software option. While a few tools charge an expense for telephone or email support, LimeSurvey has an entire developer network and clients who can take care of you, just as an inside and out manual to help you work through any malfunction. The community-oriented nature of this open-source framework implies you can ask your survey in more than 80 languages. You can have limitless administrators, yet just 25 responses for every month across your surveys. LimeSurvey is mostly utilized by Statistical surveying institutions, non-and revenue driven associations, students and colleges, governments, and other political bodies.

LimeSurvey is a simple choice that offers add-ons permitting extra templates and question types. If you have the coding knowledge or an IT group to chip away at experienced issues, LimeSurvey puts the greater part of the functionality of a paid tool within reach. LimeSurvey offers a self-hosted version of LimeSurvey CE and a merchant facilitated version of LimeSurvey Pro. LimeSurvey’s Pro version costs $24 per month for basic, $285 per year for Expert, and $985 yearly for Enterprise. Software users who have downloaded LimeSurvey CE can upgrade their version of the product with Surveyor Premium.


SoGoSurvey is a survey design, distribution, and analysis platform. Since it gives a full set-up of functionalities, SoGoSurvey clients will never have to find extra tools for survey-related tasks even if they are not paying a penny. With SoGoSurvey free account plan, you can perform Limitless surveys with Limitless questions for up to 200 respondents each year. It has 24 unique question types. This software can implant surveys into emails and website pages and is provide you with data export functionality. The best part is that SoGoSurvey support is available without a paid plan. Any free client experiencing an issue is eligible for 24/7 customer care.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, this is perhaps the greatest name in survey applications; SurveyMonkey additionally offers the best mobile survey experience. While most survey applications just let you gather responses on phones, SurveyMonkey permits you to make, alter, accumulate responses, and break down outcomes on your cell phone or tablet. Also, anything you do on mobile will adjust with your desktop account and the other way around. Instead of imposing the desktop experience to fit on a mobile screen, the whole process has been redesigned and reconsidered. The interface is basic and clean, with huge buttons directing you through the creation process. Each question gets its own page in the editing stage, letting you observe and sort out the survey’s flow. If you need to reorder the question, you can only tap and hold the page number and drag it to its new position.

When you are finished creating the survey, you can send it through email, text, or WhatsApp, or offer it via online media. As responses begin coming in, you can see the total number of responses and finished responses and delve further into the data with a pie chart that shows the number of responses to every individual question. This level of investigation is uncommon on mobile, yet SurveyMonkey has sorted out an approach to allow you to drill down into the details, even on a mobile screen. When you link SurveyMonkey to your other applications with Zapier, you can automate key parts of the survey process. You can send customized cards to say thanks to respondents, make to-do list items dependent on survey response, and more with no additional manual work. It is free for surveys with up to 10 questions; for a Team Advantage plan with limitless questions and surveys, it is $25 per month.

Google Forms:

Similar to various tools offered by Google, Forms lets you effectively achieve the task of gathering online survey responses. It is free and has no limitations on the number of surveys you can make the number of questions in each survey, or the number of responses you can gather. It also contains a customize design option. You can likewise automatically export your outcomes to Google Sheets for online access and sharing. You can even add collaborators and insert surveys into messages. This tool does not have a premium version, which implies that all of the features are available and accessible for free.


Qualaroo is one of the top tools for online survey creation because of its unique Qualaroo Nudge feature. The Nudge shows up in a non-interfering manner so; you can assemble bits of knowledge utilizing different channels. You can focus on this feedback system dependent on who your audience is, the place where they are, at what time they visit, how regularly they visit, and more. You can put Nudges inside mobile applications, tablets, mobile browsers, and on any page. You can even make a Nudge as a unique link that you can share through email, chat, and much more. Moreover, its integration with IBM’s Watson’s Natural Language Understanding can convey analysis about your audience’s conclusion, specifically how they feel to assist you with discovering why they settle on a specific choice. For the Essentials plan, its pricing starts at $25 per month, and for the Premium plan, it is $50. You can have a free 15 days trial for any plan, and Qualaroo offers a zero cost plan too.


Where other survey tools center around how complex a poll can be or how much information you can dig out, Typeform adopts a unique strategy. Its focus is user interaction, accepting that the best approach to get great responses is to engage the end-users and through that improves responses. The Typeform system seems to function admirably, jumping on normal four times the completion rate over what the business considers standard. It also provides excellent customer service. Typeform services start with the Essentials package, which offers a fundamental range of features. You get up to 5,000 responses with a limitless logic jump and conversion tracking and HubSpot integration if upgraded to a Professional plan. Nonetheless, whenever paid yearly, the Professional plan is discounted, and Enterprise deals are also available.

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