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Top Features Of G Suite Help Enhancing The Remote Work

Google is working to build its product to help people transform their work. So, now work has transformed itself in unpredictable ways. Work is not like a physical place for many companies, but it has digitized rapidly.

As office employees are working from home, Google has turned their house into an office place. In the work from home scenario, G Suite is creating an efficient environment for employees. These features help companies and employees to boost their productivity.

Here we will mention the top-most features of the Google suite for enhancing working from home. Read on to check out the most exciting specifications.

Top Features Of G Suite Helps In Work From Home

Now, let’s look over the top features of the Google suite, which help remote workers ease their tasks.

1. Google Forms

If you want to collect data from numerous people, like team members or clients, Google forms are helpful. Here you can make or analyze the surveys from your mobile or systems. It allows you to create:

  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Collect feedbacks
  • Analyze your team’s performance
  • Sending opinion poll

It will also help you to see survey results, summarize data, and make graphs or charts in Forms.

 2. Google Chat

The Google chat feature is one of the most popular ones. All employees or clients can connect with you through a message from anywhere or anytime. Furthermore, it is known as the most used communication tool in companies. It allows an individual to create a group and chat personally, too.

The best part is chatting through Google chat is very easy. First, you have to click on the + button, then type the participant’s email address, send a chat invitation to an individual, and after this, chat with your team member.

Moreover, here you will see a room feature. Here, chat supports more than 8,000 external users. Also, your team can download a Google Chat application from the Play Store or Apple store.

3. Google Calendars

If a team is working from different world regions, they have different time zones. It often becomes tough to select a particular time for meeting with the entire team. So, here G suite calendar helps in setting one time for all employees to arrange a meeting (according to availability).

Even you can make many team calendars to keep track of vacations, meetings, training, and much more. Moreover, it will help you know when your staff is free, making meetings schedules more accessible.

4. Google meet

Remote work means employees from every corner of the world, so Google Meet lets you keep connected to everyone. It is accessible with all mobile devices or laptops and computers. This app of G suite allows employees to join a video meeting with the help of Gmail or Meet to work on projects, hold meetings virtually, brainstorm ideas, and much more.

Basically, Google meet allows conducting a virtual meet-up for healthy employee-employer relationships. For instance, if you have a team of 100 employees, you can send a link for Google meet and ask them to join through a video conference. Furthermore, if you create a group, every team member will get notified. Moreover, you can download this app totally free of cost for official work.

5. Editing the documents 

You might be familiar with the G suite‘s editing or accessing files function. Well, it allows you to export and share all types of files.

Editing presentations, documents, or spreadsheets will become easier with the remote team. Further, you don’t need to check the files over emails and then mail back with this feature. Additionally, you can use Sheets, Slides, and Docs to edit in real-time. Also, you can write your suggestions or comments in chat within a particular file.

Some of the popular office files are:

Google Docs

Google doc is very popular for creating documents. It is easy to access if you have fair internet connectivity. The best part is, it is easy to share files in docs and create them in just one click. 

Google Slides

In Google slides, you can make a slideshow or presentation easily. Moreover, sharing them with authority will allow them to edit on the same slide. Moreover, they can write comments and their suggestions. 

Google Sheets

It helps in analyzing the important data. You just need to create a sheet for recording or filling up essential details. Once you share a Google sheet, every employee can edit or view it.

6. Google Vault

Vault is also known as a tool of eDiscovery or information governance. It is a popular tool of the G suite among employees and employers. Additionally, it helps in searching, retaining, exporting, and holding Google Workspace details.

  • Google Groups messages
  • Google vault is mostly used for saving data :
  • Gmail messages
  • Drive files
  • Classic Hangouts messages
  • Google Meet associated polls logs and recordings, chat, or Q & A.

Moreover, the search capability of Google Vault search is much higher. This will enable the user to search any type of file by date, keyword, or type. 

7. Easy presentation

In remote work, you can’t meet your team in person. So, using Meet to present slides, Documents, or other files virtually through a meeting will be easier. Furthermore, you can even easily record video meetings which help people watch living in other time zones.

There are more options like:

  • You can record your video meeting
  • Give presentation during a video meeting
  • Add captions in a virtual meeting
  • Holding large remote events

Furthermore, the Google suite can provide users with a feature of giving presentations to their team or clients. Also, with the help of Google meet, you can explain your point more efficiently to the listeners.

Summing Up!

In conclusion, to get a smooth work-from-home experience, you can try the above-listed features. With the help of the G suite, remote work will be the same as office work. Moreover, it will increase employees’ productivity and make working tasks smoother.
Do you have any features to add to the list? Or are you seeking email hosting in Singapore or a nearby region? If so, we would be happy to help you. Please share your insights. 

Thank you for reading!


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