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Ultrasonic Sensor Innovation

If you are new to the world of advancing technology and on hearing the words of ultrasonic or sound waves you immediately begin to sweat then fear not you are not alone, many of us have no idea how this technology works or what it entails. We are going to look at it more in-depth throughout this article and whilst doing so you may just find the solution to your problem or future project that you have been searching for.

To begin we need to have a somewhat basic comprehension of what ultrasonic means, how it functions, and what businesses and companies around the world use it for. We will discuss how it works to your advantage should you be looking to take your product and work applications to the next level, and what you need to get the ball rolling.

Definition in simple terms.

In a nutshell, it is a combination of sound waves that are only audible through this advanced equipment and not possible by the limitations of the human ear. See here for a more detailed explanation, but similar to that of an ultrasound pregnant women have to check their babies, we are unable to hear the baby’s heartbeat without the use of the machine.


So how does it work, and more importantly do we need it. Well for starters the sensor sends out a sound frequency (inaudible to humans) that is detected by what is known as a transducer, or in other words a microphone. This receives the sound, echoes it, and sends another message or reply using the same ultrasonic soundwaves, and is received by the transducer from the initial sensor.

They are used to calculate and measure distances or volume by the speed it took for the frequency to be received and be bounced back to the sending sensor. Some elements can cause issues such as snow, dirt, or ice and which is why there must be no obstructions when sending a signal.

Staying clear of cross radio waves and other sound wave interference can be another bump in the road and could alter the measurements being taken. So be sure to be clear of possible interrupting frequencies.

Another great feature, and why this method is becoming so sought-after is that it can be used to detect objects irrespective of if they have color, a textured surface, or are made from a particular material. Wool, however, is not a great material to detect with this type of system as it is very soft and thus absorbs the sound. To hear what others have to say on the topic, take a moment to click here and see the varying opinions, suggestions, and solutions to make your life easier and your business operations that much better.

Sensor Innovation

Could it work for you?

Wondering if this type of system or setup could work for your business is a common question, and sure it is very impressive and high quality in terms of results, but there are many advantages it could offer you for a more efficient and effective business operation. Let’s take a quick look at what some of those are and if they could elevate your firm’s functions and system setup.

  • This method can be used in dark areas or at night making it great if needing to measure the length of tunnels, inside smaller compartments that are tricky to get to, and can be done in the convenience of the night when sometimes it’s best due to fewer people or prying eyes.
  • Cost-effective. They function more beneficially in respect to their size, thus less equipment is needed to complete the task and so saves you financially now and in the long run. And this is something that companies such as SensComp have come to understand early on and what makes them world leaders in this industry.

After all, if you want to perform the best you need high-quality equipment and installation, so choosing the right company for the job the first time around is vital and could mean the difference between an ok or great result.

  • Not affected. Too many pieces of equipment are affected by outside stimuli and the readings become inaccurate or irregular, ultrasonic (and even more the self-cleaning models) help to essentially eliminate this factor and are not prone to dysfunction due to condensation or dust.
  • Unlike conventional methods where light and color play an integral role, sound waves are not limited by these but rather bounce the sounds off of objects instead.
  • Tests have proven successful in that this method is best for measuring for objects that are buried deep and with its high sensitivity level and penetrating power, it has the best results when measuring distance as well as thickness.

A final thought.

You may still be hesitant and this is normal but if you have been thinking about ways to improve technical aspects around the workshop then ultrasonic sensors can help. They are great for both indoor and outdoor making them highly versatile but are also for long-range measuring and close up to as small a distance as 2cm, win-win.

What many factories of production warehouse CEOs have commented on is that they can use it for their tank applications and simultaneously their production line doesn’t have to come to a standstill, this way you have the best of both worlds.

The ultrasonic sensor innovation method is taking the world by storm, offering more options, increased opportunities that previously seemed impossible and you don’t need to renovate or build an extension to have this new system installed. It’s small, compact, and with the help of a reliable and trusted company whose reputable reputation seemingly speaks for itself, you can have the best version installed suited to optimize your workload.

While the quality of the product is important, the engineer and brand you entrust to kit out your warehouse is just as vital, because a quality product and system is nothing if installed incorrectly or with half an effort.

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