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Understanding the Use of Laser Bonding Tech

The easiness of a process proves it as great and helpful. Laser marking is one such process that brings ease to the manufacturers is nothing but ideal. We deal with several machines that give respite to the users. Such technologies appear fruitful for the industries for producing bulk items.

Different technologies aid in the process for manufacturers to make a neat final piece including labeling, personalizing and marking the product. Marking is a process where a machine directs laser light on the surface you want to mark and a laser bonding additive is bonded to the surface of the substrate. It differs from engraving greatly as your work piece remains safe and clean.

In general, an engraving procedure differs from marking in the basics. With engraving, the techniques feel old since your surface can get damaged. Engraving machines have to pierce through the surface to produce a mark. Marking machines do not offer this. Thus, modern manufacturers do not rely on engraving processes more.

However, to avoid the cost of marking machines, low-scale manufacturers get help from engraving processes. In essence, additional costs in the marking process come from laser technology. It is since the laser is the prime helper in this process. Another great advantage is that the laser does not strike the surface and damages it.

Thus, you have the basic introduction to what a marking process is. And how the process differs from an engraving one. But this history and introduction were brief considering we will provide you a lot. In essence, different technologies come into play such as external elements. These include sprays and inks etc. but the usage differs likewise. Hence, we ensure you will learn how the process offers benefits and includes additional features.

Laser Bonding

Several manufacturing industries have to deal with markings on their products. It is an additional method of advertising to include branding on the products. Moreover, useful information also requires a place on each product they produce. Previously, the technology was limited to using physical markers and designs on surfaces.

Then the time came for the etching and engraving using machines and cut-outs. But the process lacks greatly when cleanliness is the requirement. Producing ideal samples at the industrial level requires perfection. Hence, marking is the final process and it must remain free from errors. For this, laser bonding comes to the rescue and offers respite.

Laser bonding in the easiest manner refers to the use of a laser beam to produce markings. Different surfaces can now contain markings with this process. In essence, laser bonding technology is helpful for your product greatly. At first, you will not find your product in a raw state or with damages.

The issue with engraving and etching is the damage to the surface. It is since these processes remove materials from your surface to produce marking. Whereas laser bonding produces markings as an additional option. Thus, there is no removal of your surface, and a clean product returns. But this also happens with the use of sprays and inks ideal for the process.

Evolution of Laser Bonding

While you find how useful the process of laser bonding technology is, we will like to respect the pioneers of the program. Marking did not start as the first method to produce designs such as logos and letters. But it was a series of processes when people did not find good help from engraving and etching. As before, engraving is not suitable presently with surfaces being soft.

With engraving, the method is to remove some part of the surface and make markings out of it. You can consider it as scratching the surface or calligraphy done on surfaces. Thus, you can lose a surface completely. But laser bond technology will assist you without removing the surface. But it will add elements through a laser beam.

The History Line

  • You can call Albert Einstein the first person to give a view of laser technology. His idea was that a photon can strike excited atoms and result in energy dissipation.
  • Theodore Maiman was the scientist who used a ruby crystal to direct a laser beam on a surface.
  • Kumar Patel is the pioneer in producing the first CO2 laser engraving machine. This technology helps presently to mark on metals etc.
  • In 1975, there came the first two-axis laser system through the help of the above inventions.
  • Laser bonding technology rose to the highs through Paul HarrisonÔÇÖs the of TherMark.

The Working of Laser Bonding Technology

Once you think of the benefits that come along with the laser bonding methods. You will find how pure the process is. In essence, the benefits and positive features begin when you consider how the laser bond process works.

With the use of laser bonging or marking, you protect your surface perfectly. It is since your work piece will not suffer damages from the machine. From engraving and etching, your surface will observe errors since there will be the removal of the particles. But marking process is different especially with laser beams.

The method involves a laser marking machine that contains a high-frequency beam. This beam is directed on the surface where marking is intended. High temperature is necessary to produce a sharp marking on the surface. But laser bonding methods do not work without a spray or ink that aids well.

These sprays and inks help to introduce color and produce a permanent marking. You will need to use the additional elements at an ideal time alongside the distance. It is since these elements will help to produce markings permanently with contrast.

The laser bonding technology is offering users new opportunities. Nowadays, the difficulty is not to produce markings on the surfaces. But it is about having the perfect designs and shapes since marking is easy presently.

In addition, they also find respite from diverse additional elements. Often, sprays and inks come along with marking tapes. All of this assists in the users to have a clean display at the end. In short, the process is perfect for manufacturers that require fine work.

Some Work Examples

  • Marking on business cardholders
  • Designs on jewelry products
  • Engraving on bottles

Why Laser Bonding is Preferred?

Laser bonding comes with ideal benefits for both the manufacturers and end-users. But in general, some basic benefits improve their position among users. Such preferring benefits include:

  • Each marking is permanent and carries strength
  • The quality is consistent through the use of laser bonding
  • Your product will be in a reliable shape after the marking process
  • The productivity will be higher since you can work fast
  • Maintenance cost is less
  • Engraving and etching processes are slow in comparison to marking
  • Efficiency is great and friendly for the environment

Some Laser Marking Additional Products

Laser marking additional elements help to produce a strong and permanent marking on the surface. In addition, you will find these options easily through online markets and in stores.

  • CerMark marking spray
  • TherMark marking spray
  • LaserBond 100 or LBT100 all-purpose marking spray
  • Aerosol Black Laser Ink

In a nutshell, you can choose whatever you like and prefer. Click here to learn more about Laserbond100 as it a relatively new and comparatively more loved laser marking spray in the industry for personalization and identification.

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