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What can I wear with polka dots peplum top?


The polka dot print has consistently earned a prominent place on the fashion pedestal. The pattern has long become a classic and an integral part polka dots of any stylish wardrobe. But if until recently the presence of “polka-dot” in the image was a variable moment, then in 2021 one cannot do without such a new thing. Peas finally conquered the fashion stage, became number one among fashionable prints, eclipsing even the cage and stripes. So we propose to find out how and with what to wear a demanding pattern in the new fashion year.


Many couturiers were inspired by this print. Polka Dot was present in almost all collections in a variety of interpretations. We had the opportunity to enjoy the classic: black and white drawing with small and medium dots. Outfits with multicolored dots and large prints were also presented. But the most interesting option seemed to us the option of cocktail dresses with dense faux leather peplum top on a transparent background. Flying skirts and dresses made of translucent fabrics would look too frank if it were not for the print in the form of colored dots. An interesting solution for a daring fashionista.

Passion for retro themes led to the predominance of the classic palette: black and white or white and blue. But the couturier also did not forget about the beauty of combinations of dark and light peas with a beige, pink, powdery, cream background. Very delicate and touching bows are obtained with such models.

Designers recommend that we pay attention to stylish polka dot dresses in vintage style. These are midi length models with a V-neck, a flared skirt, a belt, puffy sleeves, cuffs and turn-down collars. As an evening dress, fashion gurus offer an ageless new look with a large polka dot. The main rule for creating a vintage bow is that it needs to be set off with modern accessories. In order not to look like a guest from the past, complement the retro dress with an extravagant belt, original shoes or a bag (you can even have a contrasting pattern).

The new collections delighted us with the use of retro patterns on flying styles, asymmetric outfits and airy items. It turned out that such a contrasting combination of a strict print and frivolous models looks refined and fresh, see for yourself. Lingerie-style polka-dot sundresses, casual blouses dropped over one shoulder, playful models with flounces, ruffles – a retro pattern fits all this perfectly.

Surprisingly, many girls are afraid of pea motifs , believing that such a print makes them look old. Everyone has the right to be delusional polka dots. To get a sense of how fun, playful and flirty polka décor can be, buy polka dot panties. We guarantee that both you and your beloved will be delighted with such underwear. After such an acquisition, you will forever fall in love with the trendy bitmap.


It’s time to find out which lucky women can wear Polka Dot. As practice shows, the retro pattern suits absolutely all young ladies: both young coquettes and respectable ladies. The secret is to choose the right polka décor option. To do this, you need to take into account the size of the print, the color of the picture and the shade of the background.

The beauty of peas is that with its help you can not only emphasize the dignity of the figure and present it beautifully, but even skillfully hide some flaws, turn them into pluses. To correctly model an image using a print,

follow these guidelines.

  • The small dot pattern looks good on any shape. The classic combination of shades (white on a dark background) slims.
  • For the owner of seductive curvy shapes, it is better to give preference to a light pattern on a dark background. It can be white or cream dots of medium and small sizes on black, dark blue, gray, burgundy, dark green fabric.
  • A slim figure can dressed up in clothes with a large print. We advise you to pay attention to the patterned bottom: trousers, skirts, shorts, capri pants. The silhouette in such models looks more seductive.
  • Small breasts can made fuller with a blouse with large dots (more than 1 cm in diameter). High-waisted bottom will enhance the effect. Plus 1-2 sizes in the bust area guaranteed.
  • Narrow hips also take on fluffiness in heavily patterned clothing. It can be shorts, skirt, pants.
  • Broad shoulders and arms look beautiful in blouses, shirts and dresses decorated with polka dot, with monophonic puffy sleeves ¾ or up to the wrist.

And if you are still hesitant to experiment with printed clothes, choose pea accessories and shoes. A handbag, shoes, a scarf or even a hat with this print will add a special twist to your outfit. The main thing not to overdo it, let there only one element in the ensemble per dot.

Want to wear different types of prints? First you need to get acquainted with the rules for successful combinations.


Polka dot is a rather demanding pattern. He loves to be the center of attention like no other. Not so long ago, it was considered bad form to combine it with other prints. Modern street style divas often break this rule. And, I must say, they do it quite successfully polka dots, creating spectacular and memorable images. The ability to combine prints is a real art. You can master it. To get started, check out the most successful design ideas in this regard.

  • Circles plus a strip is one of the most interesting and simple combinations. Such a tandem can already be called a classic. In this case, the peas and the strip should be the same shade.
  • It is also allowed to combine two types of polka dot. They can differ in both the color of the picture and its size.
  • Combinations of peas and animalism always look good. Easiest to combine with zebra and leopard. In any case, try to pick up products from the same palette, ideally – monochromatic combinations.
  • Plant prints in tandem with circles always look very bright, and therefore it is important not to overdo it. Floristic detail should include no more than two shades in harmony with peas.
  • The cage and the polka dot are a tandem that is only gaining momentum in popularity. But if you like experimentation, feel free to wear a checkered thing in tandem with a pea one.
  • And for novice fans of prints, we advise you to inherit the fashion inventions of the inhabitants of fashionable capitals of maria b sarees. Street style women love to experiment with patterns.


  • Such a new thing is a must-have of the new season and, judging by the trends, many subsequent ones. To make a polka dot dress “play”, it needs to complemented with the right accessories and suitable outerwear.
  • A pea outfit in any style creates a retro look. You can’t go wrong if you complement it with ultra-modern contrasting details. It can be high boots, stockings, leather jacket, leather beret, long earrings, choker, crossbody bag, fringed shoes. Any addition in a rebellious style will do well.
  • Couturiers often complemented their polka dot masterpieces with leggings or even colored socks. Bold and effective, but not suitable for all wardrobes. For example, an office lady cannot afford that kind of liberty. A business woman is more likely to choose colored shoes or a bright belt.
  • The hit of the season is a transparent dress with polka dots. Such an outfit necessarily requires an addition in the form of flesh-colored underwear or even a mini-suit under the bottom. It can be a jumpsuit to match the top, shorts and a tank top, or even trousers. The 90s trend is back.
  • It is not necessary to choose shoes and a bag to match the outfit. Looks with contrasting shoes and accessories are much more interesting. The same can be said for outerwear. You can give preference to classic tandems, but bows with coats, jackets and jackets in contrasting colors are much more effective.


  • The printed hem is eye-catching in any color and size. So, it is most correct to make it an accent in the image. This means that you should combine a Polka Dot skirt with tops, blouses and sweaters to match the pattern.
  • On the other hand, nothing sets off polka dots as effectively as another print. Therefore, courageous women of fashion can complement a catchy patterned model of a striped shirt , in a cage, in a flower. For such ensembles, the above rules for combining prints apply.


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